Friday, May 7, 2010

LOST 6x14: Ocean of tears

The LOSTies try to fly the friendly skies, but instead swim the angry seas. Bernard accuses Jack of making a move on Rose. Sayid makes one hell of a bang as he sacrifices himself. Sun and Jin were apparently on the Titanic. And…well…no snark. This was a sad one.

Lost 6x14: The Candidate

In choking back the tears over Sun and Jin’s sad passing, it was easy to overlook that we also lost Sayid and Lapidus in this episode. But seriously, we spend TWO YEARS of TV time waiting for Sun and Jin to be reunited for them to be together for, what, 12 minutes? LOST writers, you sank lower than the depths of the sub now laying on the ocean floor.

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2004, Los Angeles:
Close up on John Locke in the hospital bed, post-Desmond hit & run, and Jack tells him that he is a candidate (!) for a new procedure to repair the spinal injury and perhaps allow him to walk again, but he refuses. Helen bursts into the room and thanks Jack for saving John.

In his medical office, Dr. Nadler – Bernard – is working on some sort of dental cast when Jack enters and asks to see John Locke’s file. (Bernard had apparently performed emergency oral surgery on him.) Asking why he needs it, Jack starts to explain how he and Locke met, and Bernard spurts out, “Oceanic 815…I sat across the aisle from you. If memory serves, you were flirting with my wife, Rose, while I was in the bathroom.” Jack looks more than a little confused at the coincidence.

Bernard tells him that he can’t share Locke’s records, but he remembered the name of another man in the accident, and hands Jack a slip of paper with Anthony Cooper’s name.

At a nursing home, Jack’s asking about Anthony Cooper when Helen shows up with flowers for him. Helen asks him to leave, but he insists. Sideways Cooper is catatonic in a wheelchair.

Back at his bedside, Locke’s mumbling in his sleep, “Push the button…I wish you had believed me.”

Unnecessary nerd alert: “Push the button” – reference to his on-island Swan Station button pushing. “I wish you had believed me” – a callback to the suicide note he left for Jack when he tried to kill himself.

Claire shows up at the hospital looking for Jack, and they go to a waiting room. Jack gets a candy bar from the machine. She shows him the box that Christian left her asking what it’s supposed to mean, but neither of them have a clue. She asks how he died, and Jack explains he was flying home from Sydney with his coffin, and they realize they were on the same flight. Jack looks at the box, a music box, but neither of them has any idea what the significance is.

Nerd alert: the selection Jack made was #E4, an Apollo Bar.

Question: Was it just me or did the machine make a noise that sounded not unlike either the Smoke Monster or even the hatch button re-setting.

Nerd alert: The box was a music box that played “Catch a Falling Star”, the song that Christian used to sing to her and that she – and Kate – used to sing to Aaron as a bedtime song.

Awaiting Helen to pick him up, Jack tries to convince Locke one last time to consider the surgery. Locke tells him that he’d gotten his pilot’s license and was in an accident with his father as the passenger on board, leaving him unable to walk or talk. Locke’s been punishing himself for the accident in this timeline. Locke’s mind is unchanged. Jack says to him, “I wish you’d believed me”, using Locke’s mumbling – and the suicide note message from the main timeline – to try to convince him. Locke wheels himself out of the hospital.

2007, The island:
Jack awakes in a boat on the shore at Hydra Island. Sayid is keeping watch. UnLocke tells Jack and Sayid that they’re going to have to rescue the other Losties and then make it onto the plane to escape the island. Jack reminds UnLocke that he doesn’t intend to leave the island. He asks for Jack’s help in convincing them to leave with them, but Jack’s not sure he can be trusted. UnLocke reminds Jack that he could kill them any time, but he’s saved his life and wants to save the others.

Widmore’s henchmen are throwing Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Lapidus and Kate into the polar bear cages when Saywer grabs a rifle and tries to get free, but Widmore points a gun at Kate. Widmore tells them he's putting them in the cage for their own good. Sawyer challenges him, saying he needs her, but Widmore confirms what that Kate’s name was not on the list.

In the polar bear cage, Kate is annoyed and tells Sawyer that Widmore wouldn’t have killed her. But Sawyer tells her she was on the cave wall, but her name was scratched out, meaning he was done with her. Kate gets knocked down a peg or two.

Jin and Sun are speaking to each other – in English (why?) – and he tells her that he saw pictures of Ji Yeon, and she gives him his ring that she’s been carrying. Just as they’re about to get snuggly, the power goes out on the sonic fence and Smokey arrives, wreaking vengeance against the henchmen. They try to free themselves from the cage, just as Jack shows up and they all run after Jack explains, “I’m with him.”

In the jungle, Jack tells Kate he’s not leaving the island with them because he’s not meant to go. Sayid arrives and they rush to UnLocke.

The fate of the henchmen guarding the Ajira jet is no better than those by the cages. UnLocke snaps one of their necks and shoots the other. He steals the watch off the one who’s been shot and boards the plane, only to find it rigged with explosives.

The UnLocke flock arrives at the plane and he walks off the plane explaining that Widmore wanted them all to get on the plane so they would die. Assuming there might be other explosives on the plane, UnLocke says that they need to take the sub. Hurley reminds the flock that Alpert said UnLocke can’t leave the island, but Sawyer says they’re going. Sawyer apologizes for not trusting UnLocke, and Jack offers his help, but says he won’t be leaving the island. Sawyer pulls Jack aside and tells him that they’re getting off the island without UnLocke and to push him into the water when they get to the dock.

The dock appears to be unguarded, and a handful of them run ahead to the sub. Sawyer and Lapidus climb into the sub and surprise the captain at gunpoint. The remaining bunch head to the sub, and UnLocke hands Jack his backpack. They make it onto the dock and UnLocke is trying to convince Jack to go, but he pushes UnLocke off the dock and into the water. They get fired upon, and Kate is hit. The rest climb into the sub, but Claire and UnLocke are still outside. Saywer climbs up and tries to get Claire into the sub, but he has to close the hatch when UnLocke makes a run toward the sub. Claire looks despondent, but UnLocke is perfectly content.

Looking for a first aid kit, Hurley hands Jack his backpack. UnLocke put the bomb in it. (Did anyone not see this coming when UnLocke handed him the backpack?)

Nerd alert: The watch used as the timer was the one UnLocke stole off the dead man.

With less than 4 minutes left, the only way to get the bomb off is to get to the surface. Lapidus tells the captain to take them up. As they try to figure out what to do to diffuse the bomb, Jack tells them that nothing will happen and that UnLocke can’t kill them, and that UnLocke wanted them to leave without him. Sawyer doesn’t buy it and pulls the wires out of the bomb, which unfortunately only speeds up the timer.

Sayid tells Jack where to find Desmond. Jack asks why he’s telling him this, and Sayid replies, “Because it’s going to be you, Jack.” Sayid grabs the bomb and runs ahead into another compartment of the sub, where the bomb goes off.

RIP Sayid. :(

Still in with the captain, the hatch door blows off, and knocks Lapidus down.

RIP Lapidus. :( (we assume)

The sub is filling with water, and Sun is pinned behind a cabinet. Jack tells Hurley to take the injured Kate and swim to the surface. He gives them a rescue canister of oxygen. Jack and Jin shift the cabinet, but Sun is still trapped behind some metal. Jin tells him to take Saywer up, and he stays to try to free Sun. Jack and Sawyer swim up.

Sun demands that Jin leave, but he refuses to go. (Shouldn’t one of them have gone for the sake of Ji Yeon?!) Finally speaking in Korean, Jin tells her “I will never leave you again.” And in a Titanic-worthy scene, we see their clasped, submerged hands separate, and Kleenex stock goes through the roof.

RIP Jin-Soo Kwon. :(

RIP Sun-Hwa Kwon. :(

Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley make it to the island. Jack tells them that Jin and Sun didn’t make it and Kate and Hurley bawl like the rest of us watching at home.

UnLocke tells Claire that the sub sank. She asks if they’re all dead, and he says no, grabs a rifle and heads off to finish what he started.

I know my wife cried herself to bed. What about you? Drop the comment love below.

-Sean Salo


Joe B said...

I think they're all going to die by the finale, except for Jack and Unlock, and the two of them will be stuck together on the island Get out the tissues. Although I don't know what that means for alt-timeline folks.

Katie said...

I agree Joe. I think it will be Unlocke and Jack ala MIB and Jacob living on until the next Oceanic 815 comes by and it starts the cycle again. Sort of hate that we've figured it out and I hope there is a twist. Another common thought is that something will happen and we'll start over at the beginning like Ground Hog's Day. Don't like either of these options.