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LOST: The Last Recruit - Take a leap of faith

Sun and Jin are finally reunited, and it feels so good. Zoe makes an explosive entrance. Jack doesn’t know how to dive. UnLocke has a dressing up as dead people fetish. Claire starts hanging with the popular kids. Sawyer tells Jack to walk the plank. The 815ers fill up a few more hospital beds. And who the hell’s Anakin?

Lost 6x13: The Last Recruit

This episode moved very quickly and I think they crammed a lot into it: new answers, explosions, reunions, allegiances, and captivity. Rather than the methodical pace of LOST, this felt more like a bit of a sprint to the end. Definitely seems the theory that the sidewayers are all assembling – by choice or otherwise – at the hospital is coming to be. So where to they go from here?

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2007, On the island:
“Hello Jack. I was hoping you’d come. I think we have some catching up to do.” UnLocke is so…rational and almost polite. It’s hard to fathom that he’s this pure evil everyone’s been warned about. Jack asks why Smokey chose Locke, and he answers, “because he was stupid enough to believe that he’d been brought here for a reason, because he pursued that belief until it got him killed, and because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice wooden box.” UnLocke owns up to taking the appearance of Christian, but claims everything he’d done was to help him get off the island.

Question: So Smokey was every apparition? Harper the therapist? Dave? Kate's horse? Yemi, Eko's brother? Tall Walt?

Explaining that they all need to leave together, UnLocke becomes frustrated when Jack questions this, stating that Locke believed in the island. But UnLocke dismisses the former ‘renter’ in the body he now occupies as a sucker.

UnLocke hears someone in the jungle and calls out for the hiding Claire. She says Jack’s her brother, and UnLocke leaves them to talk. She asks if he fessed up about posing as Christian, and says she gave up hope he’d ever come back, but says she’s happy to see him again. Claire tells him that the moment he talked to UnLocke, he was with him, like it or not.

Nerd alert: Claire touched Jack when they were talking. Is this another moment of touching having some significance, as with UnLocke’s hand grabbing?

Sawyer is explaining the plan to take Widmore’s sub off the island to Hurley, including why he’s not including Sayid in the plan. Hurley reminds him that people can be brought back from the dark side…like Anakin. UnLocke returns to camp, announcing, “It’s so nice to have everybody together again.”

Nerd alert: When Jack and UnLocke walk into the jungle to catch up, it’s pitch black out. When they return, it’s bright and sunny.

Confiding in Jack, Kate says about Sayid, “he’s different now.” Jack’s thoughtful reply, “I guess we’re all different now.” (Did that feel a little earnest, like from some high school performance of “Our Town”?) Zoe comes charging into the UnLocke Flock camp asking to see the man in charge. She demands what he’s stolen from them – Desmond – back. She radios to her people and suddenly a missle flies in and explodes just a few yards from them. She hands UnLocke a walkie talkie and tells him to call when he’s ready for them to pick Desmond up. UnLocke uses his wooden staff to smash the walkie.

Nerd alert: We’ve learned that Smokey is afraid of technology in the past, going back to our first encounter with him in what we thought was Jacob’s cabin. (Can we assume Jacob has a similar distrust of technology?)

Jacob’s prepping the team for the journey, and asks Sawyer to use the sailboat to get to the Hydra Island. Sawyer asks Kate to come along. UnLocke pulls Sayid aside to talk, and Sawyer does the same with Jack, filling him in on the plot to steal the sub. He says that they are not taking Sayid or Claire, because he’s a zombie and she’s gone crazy. UnLocke tells Sayid that he has to kill Desmond if he wants to see Nadia again.

At the well, Desmond knows Sayid is there to kill him and asks him what he offered him to kill him. Desmond asks where Nadia is now, and asks how he knows UnLocke can bring her back. He answers that UnLocke brought him back. But Desmond questions what Sayid will tell her when she asks what Sayid did to be with her again. And under that zombie exterior, beat human heart as (we assume) he didn’t kill Desmond.

On the beach, Sawyer reveals his plan to Kate and the deal he cut with Widmore, and Kate is furious that Claire isn’t part of the plan. But Sawyer explains Claire’s too far gone. The two of them swim out to the sailboat.

Jack asks Claire why she’s with UnLocke, and her reply is that he was the only one who didn’t abandon her. UnLocke falls back, and Jack, Hurley, Sun and Lapidus make for the dock in a map Sawyer gave him.

Running into Sayid in the jungle, UnLocke asks if Desmond is dead. Sayid tells him to go and check. (Really, if it’s that important that he’s dead, shouldn’t UnLocke have gone all Smokey to go see for himself?) They walk off to get to the plane.

Jack’s team arrive at the dock where Sawyer and Kate are now docked. Claire shows up almost immediately behind them and Kate tires to talk her down off the ledge by offering her a slot on the plane so she can rescue and raise Aaron. Kate apologizes and convinces Claire to come along with them.

On the sailboat, Sawyer goes to Jack to talk with him in private, but Jack explains that it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. He believes that they were brought there to do something special, and Sawyer demands he either come around or get off the boat. Jack does a dainty little jump into the waves below to swim back to the main island and UnLocke. Kate tells Sawyer that they have to go back to get him. He replies, “We’re done going back, Kate.”

Jack swims up onto the beach by the still-patient UnLocke. And Sawyer’s crew swim up onto the beach at the Hydra Island and are met with a welcome party of guns. Zoe recognizes Sawyer and radios to Widmore. And just then – finally – Jin walks onto the beach, and he and Sun are reunited. Sun can suddenly speak English again, and for some strange reason, they have a full conversation in English instead of Korean.

Widmore gives Zoe the order to capture all of them, and Zoe orders the first missile, which explodes on the beach, sending Jack flying and causing him to lose his hearing. UnLocke picks him up on his shoulders and carries Jack to safety, saying, “It’s going to be alright. You’re with me now.”

Question: Is it possible Jack died and was touched by UnLocke, therefore infecting him?

2004, Los Angeles:
In an ambulance on the way to the hospital, Ben is riding along with Locke. Ben reassures him. As the gurney is being wheeled into the hospital, Sun’s gurney is being wheeled alongside his, and she wigs out at seeing John.

Question: The island has bled further into the sideways reality here, with Sun acknowledging that Locke (or rather UnLocke) is someone she should fear.

Det. James Ford offers Kate an apple and reads the list of charges, but Kate denies she did wrong. He asks if she thinks it’s weird that they were on the same flight and she ran into his car. She speculates though that he didn’t arrest her because he didn’t want anyone to know he was in Australia.
Question: Is the apple a reference to Eve’s apple?

Miles comes in with a new case – the Keamy crew murdered at the restaurant and Sun shot. Miles has the ATM surveillance tape which shows Sayid as the shooter.

Claire arrives in the lobby of an office building to meet with the Western Pacific Adoption Agency. Desmond arrives at the same moment to see a lawyer and recognizes her from baggage claim. (What a coincidence! They’re both on the 15th floor.) He coerces her to see his lawyer to discuss the adoption. Ilana walks out of her office and is shocked to see Claire in her lobby. Ilana tells Claire that they’ve been looking for her.

Nerd alert: Law firm is Sweetzer & Verdansky. And we now know Ilana’s last name is Verdansky. The coffee shop Penny told Desmond they'd meet on was on Sweetzer & Melrose, but I'm not seeing a connection. And while there's not a Verdansky connection I've found, there is a Vladimir Vernadsky who was "a Russian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist who is considered one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and of radiogeology. His ideas of noosphere were an important contribution to Russian cosmism." Or that could just be another coincidence.

Question: Desmond was there exclusively to drive her into Ilana’s hands, right? He's like Mrs. Hawking now, trying to steer people toward their destiny, it seems, even if by force.

At Nadia’s house, Sayid bursts in to pack and flee. Miles rings the bell and Sayid runs out the back, but he’s apparently no match for a garden hose and Ford, who trips and then cuffs him.

Question: They i.d.’d Sayid from an ATM photo and found him that quickly? Really?

At the same office building, Jack and his son David arrive, and suddenly, David is overly concerned for his father’s happiness. (Did it seem to anyone else like too quick a transformation in their relationship?) Ilana escorts them into a conference room where Claire is sitting and waiting. She explains to Jack that Christian was her father too, and Jack gets an emergency call from the hospital to come operate on Locke’s spine.

Sun wakes up, and Jin tells her that despite the gunshot wound to her abdomen, that the baby is fine. Jack and David are passing Sun’s room on their way to the procedure that he has to perform – surgery on John Locke. Jack looks at the x-rays of John Locke and realizes it’s his Dural sac that’s been “obliterated”. He realizes that it’s John Locke on the operationg table.

Nerd alert: The injury Jack inflicted on his future wife, Sarah, when she was in for surgery was to her dural sac.

Nerd alert: Jack has another mirror moment in this episode, staring at the mirror under John Locke's face.

Drop some comments below. Next week's ep is a repeat, by the way. (Kind of looking forward to a break, actually...)

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LOST 6x12 - Bizarro alt universe

Ilana’s performance blew me (and her) away. Libby and Hurley played the Memory Game. Desmond took defensive driving to a new level. The ship hits the fan and the Black Rock became the largest collection of toothpicks on the planet. The mysterious kid in the jungle got his hands on some Dharma Just For Men hair dye. Desmond doesn’t put up a fight when UnLocke pushed him down a well. Hurley, Jack, Sun, and Lapidus are chilling with the UnLocke Flock. And Sun and Jin STILL did not reunite.

Everybody loves Hugo…and everybody likes cheese.

Lost 6x12: Everybody Loves Hugo

In a world of conflict and strife, there’s but one fact we can all agree upon: everybody loves Everybody Loves Hugo! With the exception one meh moment (great that we got the answer on the whispers…a little disappointed in the explanation), this was all killer, no filler. Our sideways alternates on Lost and at least one of their on-island counterparts are now aware of each others’ existence. It’s only a matter of time before they bump into each other wearing the same outfits (awkward…).

So did you think it was a dy-no-mite episode too? Or do you feel like you got hit by a car? Comment below.

2004, Los Angeles:

At a charity event at the Golden State Natural History Museum, Hurley is being honored in a speech by Pierre Chang for his generosity in building a the paleontology wing that bares his name at the museum.

Nerd alert:
What's up with the "experimental farming"? Doesn't that seem vaguely Dharma Initiative-like?

Hugo’s mom, instead of being proud and thrilled, is kind of disgusted with Hugo for not being in a relationship and has set him up on a blind date. “She’s going to love you. And if she doesn’t, we’ll find someone who does.”

At the restaurant, Hurley’s been stood up when Libby (!) approaches the table. She tells him that they’re soulmates, but Hurley doesn’t recall having met her. Just then Dr. C---blocker Brooks interrupts them to take Libby back to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where Hurley in the original timeline was a patient.

In a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant, Hurley’s mowing down a bucket of chicken, when Desmond approaches him, confused about how he knows him. Hurley opens up to him about Libby, leading Desmond to ask if he believed that she’d known Hurley. He tells Hurley not to give up on her. Order number 42 is called, and Des replies, “That’s me, brother. It was nice bumping into you.”

At the mental institution, Hurley’s in Dr. Brooks’ office with the big, framed photo of a tropical island on his wall. He convinces Brooks to allow him to see Libby only after donating a large sum to the hospital. As Hurley walks into the rec room of the hospital (a patient is playing Connect Four), he grills her on how she knows him. She explains that she saw a commercial for his restaurant, and suddenly she remembered a life that included him. Sadly, Hurley doesn’t remember living in a “bizarro alternate universe,” but he asks her on a date anyway.

Setting up the picnic on the beach on their date, Libby feels like everything’s similar…but off. She reassures him, though, that she’s there because she wants to be and they kiss. Hurley’s memory comes flooding back and the two of them remember together the other reality, and Libby knows she’s not crazy, and Hurley knows he was loved. And millions of ‘shippers’ hearts melted. For reasons yet unclear, Desmond was sitting in the car just off the beach watching the scene unfold.

Nerd alert: Nice shot, as Dr. Chang referred to him as a "beacon of light".

Question: Was he watching to ensure Hurley’s memory of the other reality has caught up with him?

In the parking lot of the school where the wheelchair-bound Locke, Ben and Arzt work, Desmond is sitting in his car. Ben knocks on the window to ask why he’s parked there and Des answers that he’s doing research on schools. However, he starts the car and guns it toward Locke, hitting him and propelling him up in the air, injuring him badly.

Question: Just me, or does this look like post Oceanic 815 crash-Locke?

Questions: Is this all just an elaborate way to get Locke to the hospital where Jack, Charlie, Claire and Kate are…and perhaps to ensure Jack the spinal surgeon has to work on him? Or was this an effort to give Locke some traumatic experience to have him catch up with those experiencing their memory in stereo? Or, was Desmond just conscious of UnLocke having pushed him into the well and just being a little vindictive?

2007, On the island:

At Libby’s gravesite, Hurley is talking out loud. He tells Ilana their story of unrealized love, as she leaves to prepare to go to the Black Rock for dynamite. The mysterious whispers return, and as they do, so does Michael (“Where’s my boy??!!”) who announces that if Hurley helps them blow up the plane, that he’ll be responsible for everyone who dies.

Question: Why the red flower? Any time we've seen red on LOST, it's been indicative of something, but usually impending death.

Ilana returns from the Black Rock with dynamite saying that blowing up the plane will protect them from UnLocke. “That thing is evil and God help us if it ever leaves this island, becau…” BOOM! She exits, Stage Arzt, and explodes into a million bits. (So much for the life of training to protect the Candidates…)

(Snagged from vetica on

Back at the UnLocke flock’s camp, UnLocke is carving a large stick. Sawyer asks if it’s a spear, but even UnLocke seems unclear on what it is.

Question: Didn’t it look as though he was starting to carve Mr. Eko’s Jesus stick?

Sawyer and Kate question what they were waiting for, and UnLocke says that just as they got to the island together, they have to leave together. “That’s the only way we’re getting off this Godforsaken rock.” Speaking of Godforsaken, Sayid returns and pulls UnLocke into the jungle to show him what was in the submarine: Desmond…tied to a tree. They look at each other with surprised, puppy-like, slightly cocked heads.

Hurley is looking through Ilana’s tent. He finds a book and a little pouch. Richard wants to get more dynamite, and Hurley concurs. Jack agrees to go along.

Nerd alert: The bag was likely the satchel Ilana had kept of Jacob’s ash.

Nerd alert:
The book was a Russian copy of "Notes from the Underground" by Dostoyevsky. The book was considered the first existentialist novel. One of the claims in the novel is that "human needs can never be satisfied even through technological progress."

Sayid brings UnLocke to Desmond, who is clearly not a threat in this case, so UnLocke unties him, asking why Widmore brought him to the island. Having been held captive by Widmore, he can’t answer the question, but he does say that he tested severe electromagnetism on him. Asked how he could be sure that’s what it was, Des answers, “experience.” UnLocke asks to show Desmond something and helps him up.

Nerd alert: UnLocke actually gets Desmond’s hand, unlike in previous episodes when no one would take it.

Ben points out that Ilana worked blindly for Jacob, trained to protect them, and then she explodes after the island was done with her. Approaching the Black Rock, Alpert tells them to hang back, when Hurley runs screaming from the ship as it explodes. When asked why he did it, Hurley answers “I’m protecting you.”

He tells Miles that Michael told him to blow up the plane, and then explains that Michael is one of the people who come back from the dead to yell at him.

In the jungle, Desmond’s getting grilled about how long he’s been on the island, when they see a boy in tattered clothing behind them. If he’s the same kid who encountered UnLocke twice earlier in the jungle, why does he have brown hair. Des asks who he is and UnLocke tells him to ignore him. The kid gives an impish smile, seeing how UnLocke is frustrated, and he runs off.

Question: Is the kid Jacob? It’d seem he is with how he smirks at UnLocke. Or is the blonde kid Jacob, and the dark-haired kid Man In Black?

At the Black Rock’s burning remains, Hurley is trying to convince Richard that they need to go talk to UnLocke, explaining that Jacob is telling them to do so. Testing Hurley, he asks him to ask Jacob what the island is. Hurley is indignant, saying he doesn’t need to prove anything, telling him to go blow more crap up if that’s what he wants to do. But Richard is adamant that Jacob never tells people what to do and that they must not let UnLocke leave the island. Ben and Miles join Team Ricardo; Jack, Sun and Lapidus stay with Hurley.

Journeying through the jungle, Hurley tells Jack that he didn’t see Jacob, but Jack knows this already. Jack’s been trying to fix things since Juliet died, but now he’s trying to let other people decide what to do, and he’s trusting in Hurley. Just then the whispers begin, but Hurley has clarity about them and walks to find Michael in the jungle. There, in a matter of seconds, Michael blurts out that the whispers are other people trapped on the island because they can’t move on. (Question answered! (Lamely, unfortunately… So the island isn’t purgatory…except for purgatory?))

Is Michael on Hurley’s side? Working for UnLocke? Or is he a manifestation of Jacob?

UnLocke and Desmond approach the well…well, one of several wells, actually. Locke explains that there’s more than one, and that they’re entries to pockets of magnetic energy. He tells Desmond that Widmore brought him to the island to re-gain his power. Des seems unmoved at this, and UnLocke asks why he’s not afraid. “What is the point of being, afraid?” And at that, UnLocke shows him why he should have been, and pushes him down into the well.

Returning to the camp, Sawyer asks where UnLocke has been, just as Hurley walks into the camp and stumbles through an statement that he just wants to talk, non-violently. UnLocke hands over his knife, saying “you have my word.”

The others – Lapidus, Sun and Jack – walk out, and UnLocke looks at Jack, and gives him the same smirk that the kid gave UnLocke in the jungle…

Do you have sideways knowledge of what’s going on in LOST? If so, drop a comment below.

- Sean Salo

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LOST 6x11: There's always a choice, brother

Desmond gets all magnetic and does a little flashing before our eyes. Charlie (!) uses the skills learned in years of playing Frogger and darts across several lanes of LA traffic unharmed. Minkowski doesn’t have the sickness, but offers to help show Des a sick time in LA. Widmore convinces Desmond to play along…then Sayid breaks some necks and convinces Des to follow him instead. On the downside, some guy named Simmons gets electromagnetized to death. On the upside, he points due north no matter which way his coffin is positioned.

Lost 6x11: Happily Ever After

Desmond episodes never disappoint, and Happily Ever After was certainly no exception to the rule. There was a bit of gratuitous exposition and over-explanation in this episode, but as we wind down, I’m sure the pressure is on for them to clearly vs. ambiguously answer questions. (Here’s a question I’d like answered: Why is Zoe getting so much screen time?) The merging of the timelines is spelled out more clearly now. And it’s great.

Did Happily Ever After leave you smiling or scratching your head?

2007, On the island:
Desmond wakes up in the infirmary on the Hydra Island and it takes a minute for him to realize that Widmore is telling him he’s on the island. (Maybe the dingy room, annoying nurse, Charles Widmore by your bedside and jungle sounds outside your room were a clue?) He smacks Chas with an IV stand.

Demanding to know why Desmond is there, Widmore tells Jin it’ll be easier to show him. He barks at Zoe that they’re doing the test now and Zoe freaks out saying they’re not scheduled until tomorrow. And then Chas corrects her American pronunciation: “it’s SHED-you-uled, you poor man’s Tina Fey! And we’re doing it now.”

They pass a giant box with coils leading to it and Zoe tells Seamus, the gunman guy who used to be the kid on Kate and Ally, that they must start the test. Seamus protests, saying they haven’t used the generator in 20 years, but they have no choice. They try to power up, but cannot. Seamus tells random dude, Simmons, to check the contacts on the solenoids. In a cage on the desk is a bunny rabbit named Angstrom who he says is going next.

Nerd alert: Angstrom is a measurement equal to 0.1 nanometers used in electromagnetic radiation, named after Swedish physicist, Anders Jonas Angstrom.

As Simmons is poking around the giant box with the solenoid coils, Worker-bee Dude said that he figured out that it was a bad breaker on the generator and flips the switch. Poor Simmons gets electromagnetized to death as they try to flip the switch back up.

Nerd alert: Probably just a continuity error, but Worker-bee Dude flips the switch down in both cases. Should have been UP to turn the coils off.

Down in the giant box, they pull out a crispy Simmons. Unmoved, Widmore asks if they’re ready to start the test. Two goons strap Desmond to a chair in the box. Widmore says once this is over, he’s going to ask him to make a sacrifice. Desmond balks, and asks what he knows about sacrifice, and Widmore replies, “my son died here for the sake of this island. Your wife, my own daughter, hates me. And I’ve never even met my grandson. But if you won’t help me Desmond, all of it will be for nothing. Penny, your son, and everyone else will be gone forever.” Desmond tries in futility to free himself.

Jin tries to stop them from the test, but Chas says that Desmond is the only person in the world who can survive this, and they flip on the machine. Charles turns it up to 11 and we see Desmond looking like when you accidentally put a fork in the microwave. (Or is it just me that?)

2004, Los Angeles:
Flash to LAX, and Hurley tells Desmond to go to carousel 4 for the baggage from Oceanic 815. There, he meets Claire and tells her she’s having a boy. Desmond’s picked up by a limo driver, and it’s George Minkowski, the communications officer from the freighter. Minkowski offers to arrange a little female companionship for Desmond, but Des is all biz and just wants to go to the office. There, he goes to his boss’ office, and in this timeline, he is Charles Widmore’s right-hand man. He tells Des that his son wants to mix modern rock with classical music at his wife’s event, but the rock band’s bassist was just arrested at LAX.

Nerd alert: At Widmore’s office, Desmond is staring at a sailboat on the wall (like the one he bought from Libby and used in the solo race around the world?), and there’s a painting on the wall of a scale with a black rock on one side and a white rock on the other. The scales are even in the painting.

Breaking out the MacCutcheon Whiskey for Desmond, Widmore tells him that he’s indispensable and nothing’s too good for him. (Nothing’s too good for him in this reality, but he wasn’t good enough for anything, certainly not Penny, in the original timeline.) Charles sayd that Des is lucky he doesn’t have any family commitments.

Desmond arrives at the Superior Court, out walks Charlie, who just keeps walking right past him and into traffic. Not hurt, he walks straight past him and across the street into a bar called Jax, with a picture of a kangaroo on it.

Nerd alert: Building on the mirror theme from last week’s blog recap, Desmond stares at his reflection in the courtroom glass doors.

Nerd alert: Charlie walking into traffic reminded me of either Juliet’s husband walking into the street and being hit by the bus, or Sayid and Nadia walking into the street and Nadia being struck and killed. Charlie obviously makes it across the street safely, though.

Desmond joins him in the bar. Charlie asks if he’s ever been in love – “spectacular, consciousness-altering love”? Charlie tells him how he was choking on the bag of heroin on the flight, when he “saw” her (Claire) and that he knew he loved her. Desmond tells him he has a choice on whether or not to cooperate with him and Widmore – “there’s always a choice, brother” – and Charlie agrees to go to the hotel with him.

Nerd alert: There's an unlit neon sign behind Desmond that says "Surdut Exceptional Island Colors". Looked this up, and it seems someone named Beth Surdut did a story for Hawaii magazine in 1992 with this title. Guessing just something that was in the bar they decided not to cover up.

“You All Everybody” comes on the radio in the car, and telling him that he’s going to show him what he experienced, Charlie grabs the wheel and steers them into the marina. In the car, as Charlie is drowning, he holds up his hand to the window, complete with the “Not Penny’s Boat” message, and Desmond gets another flash of his other reality. He manages to swims with Charlie to the surface, saving him, unlike in the timeline we all know and love, where we mourned Charlie Pace.

Now in a hospital, a doctor is asking Des if he’s had any hallucinations, and she tells him that he’s going to need an MRI. (MRI is a big magnet, of course.) The MRI tech asks for an emergency contact, but Desmond tells him to put Charles Widmore down, as he’s strapping him in. The tech hands Des a button for him to push – d’oh! – if he panics. The MRI kicks in and the noises are similar to the noise of the countdown clock in the hatch, though they are the actual sounds of an MRI.

Nerd alert: The tech tells him not to push the button, or they’ll have to start all over again – a nod to the fact that this timeline has started over, but also to the fact that the timelines appear to be merging.

He has a flash of Charlie’s hand again, and then begins to remember more of his life with Penny and baby Charlie. He wigs out and hits the panic button. Looking for Charlie, he runs into Jack, just as Charlie bolts past in just a hospital gown and down a flight of stairs. In pursuit, Desmond corners him and asks to see Charlie’s hand, and with that, Charlie knows he’s seen something too. Charlie tells him to stop worrying about him and to start looking for Penny.

On the phone, Widmore is telling Des that he needs to bring Charlie to the event or face telling Mrs. Widmore that he isn’t able to bring him there. Minkowski wishes him luck dealing with Mrs. W, who turns out to be Eloise Hawking. Eloise is relatively calm, at first. She says it’s not a big deal that Charlie isn’t there. “Whatever happened, happened.”

As Des is heading back to his car, he overhears the reading of guest names, including a Penny Milton and stops dead in his tracks. He asks to see the list, and Eloise pulls him aside and tells him to stop looking – that whatever he’s doing is “a violation.” He already has Widmore’s approval, which she says is what he was looking for. He heads back to the car and pours himself a drink when Daniel Faraday (aka Daniel Widmore) knocks on the window and invites him to talk.

Nerd alert: Milton is Penny’s sideways last name. John Milton was the English author of Paradise Lost, an epic poem about the Fall of Man and Satan’s temptation of Adam and Eve to sin.

Faraday asks him if he believes in love at first sight, because he fell in love with a redhead eating a chocolate bar (“Daddy says not to eat chocolate before dinner.”) and it was as if he already loved her. He shows Des a notebook with a scientific equation in it that he wrote, but doesn’t understand how he would have known this. (In this timeline, he’s a musician.) He asks Desmond: what if this wasn’t supposed to be their lives and there’s another reality where they were happy or in love? Des says it has nothing to do with him, but Daniel calls him out and asks why he wanted to see the guest list for Penny’s name otherwise. Desmond dismisses her as just an idea, but then Daniel fesses up that she’s his half-sister and can tell him where and when to meet her.

Question: Was the phrase “exactly where and when you can find her” a nod to Daniel’s sideways knowledge of different realities and time being fluid?

At the stadium where he first met Jack, Penny is running up and down the stairs. She’s strangely un-creeped out when Desmond approaches her – alone…in a dark, empty stadium. He introduces himself, and as he shakes her hand, he wakes up back in the magnetic box.

Question: Did Desmond touching her hand cause him to flash to the alt timeline?

2007, On the island:
Widmore tells him he wasn’t out for more than a few seconds and helps him up, apologizing. But Des doesn’t need to hear any of it – he understands he’s there for an important mission. To me, he looks vaguely zombie-like here – like a happy version of Sayid –vacant, though happy and obedient.

Speaking of Sayid, Sayid shows up out of nowhere and knocks out (kills?) one of the henchmen, kills another and tells Zoe to run while pointing a gun at her. He tries to explain that Des needs to go with him, but Des doesn’t put up a fight and heads away with Sayid, smiling.

2004, Los Angeles:
At the stadium, Desmond is being woken up by Penny – he’d fainted. He asks her to coffee, and she says yes. Back in the limo, Minkowski asks if he found what he was looking for and if there’s anything else he can do for him. Des asks him to get the passenger manifest from flight 815, because he just needs to show them something.

And cut to black.

Nerd alert: He asked Minkowski for a list of passengers, just as Ben asked for a list of passengers after the crash, and just as Jacob asked for and created lists of people.

Question: Was this a nod to Juliet’s dying words to Sawyer were that they were going Dutch on coffee? Or will they perhaps meet for coffee and see Sawyer and Juliet having coffee as well?

So what did you think? Comment below with your catches, thoughts, theories...

-Sean Salo