Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do you have something for a beginner?

Charles Widmore ties in the LOST offspring race with Christian. Mrs. Hawking bitch slaps Widmore. Phil of the Eyebrows comes out of the closet. LaFlawyer and Juliet get snagged by Radzinsky. Daniel Faraday made little Charlotte cry on the playground. Miles wusses out again on a daddy connection. Faraday storms the Others camp and gets a cap popped in him for doing so. Mommy issues! This is new.

Lost 5x14: The Variable

Some great answers on LOST last night. The Variable gave us some much needed background on Daniel Faraday and the idea of destiny. What did you think? Drop me a comment with your thoughts.

Long Beach, 2007:
Desmond is rushed into the ER, but makes it. Mrs. Hawking visits Penny in the waiting room and freaks her out by saying her son, Daniel Faraday, was responsible for Desmond being shot.

Island, 1977:
Faraday arrives from Ann Arbor on the sub and he makes Miles take him to Jack, who he has seen in the new recruit picture.

They wake Jack and ask how he got there. Desmond tells Jack that he doesn’t belong on the island and that Mrs. Widmore was wrong about it being their destiny to get back to the island.

?, 1980s:
Young Daniel (appx 12 years old?) is playing piano. Mrs. Hawking comes into the room, crying, and tells him about destiny and having to play up his gifts. She asks how many beats the metronome has hit since he started playing, and without hesitation he says 864. She says that he has to give up distractions like piano and focus on science. Daniel says “I can make time.” (Ha.)

Geek alert: 864 is 108 x 8.

Island, 1977:
Faraday heads off to find Pierre Chang at the Orchid. Jack goes to warn Sawyer about Faraday and Sawyer fills him in about Phil, who’s now bound and gagged in the closet.

Faraday sees Chang arrive at the Orchid construction site and follows him downstairs. Chang is yelling at the construction workers about not drilling further. He says to stop drilling or they’ll release the energy, and “then God help us all.”

Geek alert: “Then God help us all” was the same warning Hawking gave Ben if he couldn’t get all of the Oceanic 6 and Locke back to the island.

Faraday confronts Chang and tells him he needs to evacuate the island before another electromagnetic incident at the Swan station that will be 30,000 times as powerful as the one that yanked the filling out of the worker’s head. When asked how he could possibly know this, Daniel answers, “I’m from the future. He tries to convince Chang he’s not lying by sharing his journal. Miles tries to stop him, but Faraday blurts out that Miles is Chang’s son. Miles denies it.

Oxford, 1990s:
Daniel, whose wig is about twice as large as his head, has graduated and he brings his girlfriend and research assistant, Theresa, and Hawking blows her off and asks if they could go to lunch without her. He confronts her at the restaurant and says she was very rude, but Ellie reminds him how important his work is. She says that any women in his life will only be hurt, that he doesn’t have time for relationships. She tries to cover it up by saying that his work will always come first.

He tells her that he’s the youngest doctor to have ever graduated from Oxford and that he’s gotten a £1.5million research grant from an industrialist – Charles Widmore. She hands him a present, his leather journal (though when new it had embossed images on the cover, perhaps a fleur-de-lis.) The inscription inside reads, “Daniel, No matter what, remember, I will always love you. – Mother.”

Geek alert: Fleur-de-lis is typically a design that can be political, artistic or symbolic. Interesting considering she forced him to suppress his artistic interests.

Island, 1977:
Sawyer is meeting with Juliet, Jack, Jin, Kate and Hurley and they discuss how they can get out of there. He says that they can try to commandeer the sub or try to live in the jungle. Faraday and Miles return, and Saywer invites Faraday in for pound cake and punch. Faraday says he needs to find the Hostiles so he can have Ellie help them get back where they belong.

Essex, Mass., 2004:
Daniel is crying watching the news footage of the faked plane crash. The woman helping him, Caroline, opens the door and Charles Widmore is there. Daniel’s memory is shot, but Widmore offers him a new opportunity. He tells him that he put the plane at the bottom of the ocean and he needs Daniel to go to the island to further his research and heal his memory condition.

Geek alert: There was an issue of Wired Magazine in Daniel’s house from 2003 with cover stories on super powers, including time travel and a story about “The End of Cancer as We Know It” – on page 108, naturally.

Island, 1977:
“Your mother…is an Other?”, asks Sawyer. Daniel says they met her when they were in 1954. (Hurley: “Like Fonzie times?”) Sawyer wants them to all stay where they are but Jack’s now on Faraday’s side. Jack asks Kate is she can take them. Sawyer tries to convince Kate to stay and calls her Freckles, and then Juliet, realizing their game of house is over, tells them the code for the sonic fence. Kate, Jack and Faraday leave to get a van, and Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Hurley all ready their escape before Phil is realized missing.

Daniel takes a detour and goes to see little Charlotte on the swing set. He tells her that Dr. Chang is going to tell everyone to leave and he wants to make sure she goes. Rather than crying for her mommy at the strange man, she tears up.

Geek alert: Charlotte says “I’m not allowed to have chocolate before dinner,” which was what she said right before she died in Daniel’s arms.

Jack, Kate and Daniel are at the motor pool when Radzinsky and a couple of others confront them. They see the guns they were taking and a shootout ensues, followed by Jack shooting a barrel of fuel and causing an explosion allowing them to escape in the jeep. Both Daniel and Radzinsky were shot.

?, 2004:
Mirroring the scene earlier in his life, Daniel is playing the piano and Ellie enters the room, looking sad. She tells Daniel that it’s important that he accept Widmore’s job offer. Daniel says he can’t do it, but she convinces him to go because it could heal him. And she reluctantly says it will make her proud of him, at which she wells up.

Island, 1977:
Kate turns off the fence and Jack bandages Daniel’s wound – just a graze. He reiterates that this is their present and any of them can be wounded or die.

Sawyer and Juliet are packing and right as they are about to acknowledge the elephant in the room – Sawyer’s feelings for Kate – the Hostiles siren starts to sound. Radzinsky breaks into Saywer’s house and they hear Phil in the closet and they make Juliet and Sawyer get down on the ground.

Daniel tells them that they Dharma folks are about to release the energy at the Swan station – the Hatch – that they will have to cement over, like Chernobyl, requiring them to have to “press a button” every 108 minutes for 20ish years to keep the energy at bay. And one day, Desmond will not press the button, causing Flight 815 to crash, and the freighter to be sent. But Daniel hadn’t previously considered variables when he said that what happens, happens. He says he’s going to explode the “Jughead” H-bomb to neutralize the energy.

Long Beach, 2007:
Ellie explains that Desmond was a casualty in a war that is bigger than any of them. A nurse comes into the waiting area and says that Desmond is in recovery and doing well. She visits him in his room and they kiss.

Question: Another nurse stayed with sleeping toddler Charlie when they left. We hope, of course, that this was just a nurse, but is little Charlie safe with her? Or is he taken in an effort to get Desmond and Penny to the island? Doesn’t hurt that Charles was right outside the hospital.

Ellie leaves the hospital and Charles is there. She tells him Penny is upstairs and to see her, but he said he had to sacrifice his relationship with her. She laughs, saying that she has to sacrifice by sending Daniel back to the island. He says Daniel is his son too, and Ellie slaps him and leaves.

Island, 1977:
They approach the Hostiles’ camp and Daniel runs off. He demands to see Elloise, and Richard confronts him. He asks where the H-bomb is and Eloise shoots Daniel in the back. She comes over and he says “You always knew this was going to happen…and you sent me here anyway. I’m your son.” And then Daniel appeared to breathe his last breath.

So what did you think? Enjoy it? Comment below?

-Sean Salo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ewoks suck polar bear poop, dude.

Dental work proves deadly. Miles converts the Dharma van to a hearse. Roger Linus blows his chance of getting Kate’s digits. Phil finds the tape of LaFlawyer and Kate – no, not that kind of tape. Hurley works on that screenplay he always wanted to write…if only he knew how to spell “furry”. And Daniel somehow got on a sub to the island.

Lost 5x13: Some Like It Hoth

Last night’s LOST premiere gave us Miles Straume’s back story and confirmed at least one not so well-kept secret. They seem to have further confused the issue of who is working for whom. Do Ilana and Bram work for Ben? Are they a faction separate from Ben and Widmore? Also, we got to see more daddy issues reveal themselves. Big thanks to Phil and Katie for working out a lot of the points in this entry.

What did you think? Comment below with your thoughts.

Miles’ Flashbacks:
Young Miles’ mom (guessing he’s about is renting an apartment – we can assume in Encino, where Miles said he was from – when he somehow finds a key for the apartment and opens the door, finding a dead Mr. Vonner on the floor. He says that Vonner was calling out for Kimberly and was talking to him.

Geek alert: Miles finds the key for the apartment with Mr. Vonner in it under a rabbit with the number 8 on its ear. And the apartment he was found in was number 4.

Geek alert: Probably reading too much into it, but the “No Lifeguard on Duty” sign on the pool fence was a nice touch with Miles speaking to the dead.

Geek alert: There’s some interwebs chatter that Mr. Vonner looked like an older Roger Linus, but since Roger was killed in The Purge by Ben, seems unlikely.

A grunge-era Miles goes back to the apartment in Encino to visit his now-dying mother. He begs to know why he can speak to the dead and why she never speaks of his father. She says he’s dead, he asks where the body is and she says, “somewhere you can never go”.

Question: Is the island somewhere he can never go because they were banished, like Widmore? Or does she just think he’ll never find it? Good guess seems to be that Future Miles told Pierre about The Purge and he forced them to leave.

Adult Miles visits a grieving father who asks if his late son knew he loved him. Miles demands more money and tells him the son always knew he loved him.

Bad-wigged Naomi convinces Miles to go with him to a restaurant for a request from her employer. The go into the kitchen and she throws him a wad of cash to listen to a corpse. Miles says his name is Felix and he was bringing Widmore photos of the empty graves and a purchase order for a plane. She invites Miles on the expedition to try to get information from a number of corpses on the island for $1.6million. Miles greedily agrees.

Geek alert: Naomi says that “a bunch of dead people reside on the island”. Is she talking about the dead in the pit, or the dead people who seem to be walking around like Christian, Jacob, perhaps Claire and Richard? (Thanks Phil for this one.)

Miles is at the La Vida (“Life” – Ahem) Taco stand and he gets abducted by a group of men that tries to talk him out of working for Widmore. A man named Bram says he can’t go. Bram asks him, “Do you know what lies in the shadow of a statue?” Miles can’t answer and Bram says that if he doesn’t go, he’ll learn everything – why he has his gift and about his father. Miles says he’ll do it for double – $3.2million – and they throw him out of the van and say that he’s on the wrong team and that their team is going to win.

Geek alert: Bram is the guy that was on the beach with Ilana when Lapidus came back to the Hydra Island, when she asked him “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

Geek alert: Bram was in a black van, Ben had been in a white van. Could this indicate the sides of good and evil? Let's hope that Bram - as in Stoker - isn't a clue about impending vampires.

Later, he revisits the father, Mr. Grey, gives the money back, says he didn’t speak to the son and that he should have told his son he loved him while he was alive.

Island, 1977:
Sawyer radios to Miles to tell him to erase the security tapes from the Pylons to cover up their Little Ben transfer. As he’s about to erase the tape, Horace walks in and sends him to make a delivery and pickup to Radzinsky, bringing Miles into the “circle of trust”. However, Miles questions why they’d be going to sector 334 since it’s hostile territory.

Geek alert: The Sports Illustrated with Tommy Lasorda Miles is reading is from March 14, 1977. Its headline, “After 23 Years New Boss in L.A.” Coincidence on the number, I’m sure, but it is a number.

Turns out the delivery was a body bag, whick a couple of workers fill with a corpse whose head has a hole in it. Miles goes back to listen to the body to see what really happened.

Horace is on the phone with Radzinsky who is talking about the corpse. Whatever killed him may have been caused by the electromagnetism and they’re sending the corpse to Pierre Chang to determine the cause of death. Miles protests, but with LaFlawyer not back yet, he has to go. Hurley is going to the same place and Miles reluctantly takes him with him.

Roger gets to the infirmary as Kate returns from the mission and Juliet covers up by saying she was out for 10 minutes and Ben disappeared.

In the van, Hurley forces them to stop the van to check the foul odor, thinking it’s his sandwiches for the Orchid workers. Hurley sees the body back and Miles tells him that the guy’s name was Alvarez, that he was digging a hole, thinking about a woman named Andrea, when a filling from his tooth was yanked out and blew right through his skull.

Geek alert: They’re saying that the electromagnetism on the island – specifically near the Swan – did this, though it seems a stretch since fillings aren’t made of steel or iron and aren’t significantly magnetic.

Roger is getting drunk and Kate tries to console him. But Roger gets suspicious and tells her to mind her own beez wax.

Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” is on the van’s 8-track player when they arrive at the Orchid. Chang gets upset that Hurley knows about the corpse. He threatens Hurley with weighing polar bear feces if he tells anyone. Hurley properly calls him a douche, and Miles says, “that douche is my dad”. Whoa! Surprised?! (Not really.) Chang tells Miles they need to go to Radzinsky. He tells Hurley to keep quiet.

Roger shows up at the school to clean it and Jack’s filling in, but Roger tells him to leave and that he’s suspicious of Kate. Jack tries to stop Roger and tells him to calm down.

Geek alert: The blackboard had a lesson on Egyptian languages on it, including the phrase, “Writing the words of God”.

Hurley tries to make a connection between Miles and Chang on the trip to the Swan building station.

They get into the Swan construction site and they see the hatch being built and stamped with the “serial number” on it. Hurley completes the numbers (“42”) and explains to Miles that it was The Hatch that crashes Oceanic 815. Hurley tells Miles on the drive back about the numbers and pushing the button, and Miles laughs it off. He says that it’s awesome that Miles can meet his dad. Miles gets angry and says that his father is dead and there’s no reason. Hurley pushes more and Miles grabs Hurley’s notebook. Turns out that he’s been writing a screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back – “with a couple of improvements” – to send to George Lucas.

Jack tells LaFlawyer that Roger is suspicious about Ben. Phil of the Eyebrows shows up at LaFlawyer’s house with the tape Miles didn’t erase, and LaFlawyer knocks him out and they go to tie him up.

Hurley and Miles return, and Hurley says that reconnecting with his dad was the best thing he ever did. Miles says he doesn’t want to know his dad. Hurley pulls out a Star Wars reference saying that if Luke had just connected with his father, we wouldn’t have gotten the Ewoks. Miles goes to Chang’s house and sees him reading a book to Baby Miles.

Geek alert: Chang is reading the book Me and My Polar Bear to Baby Miles.

Geek alert: Hurley makes the Star Wars analogies specifically re: Luke getting an arm cut off in Empire. In some of the training films, Chang had a prosthetic arm. We shall see if he loses an arm at some point in the future. (Montand from Rousseau’s crew also lost an arm. And Vincent was carrying around a skeletal arm with the key to the Dharma van that Hurley fixed in Season 3.)

Chang walks out of the house and tells Miles they need to head to the docks to pick up scientists from Ann Arbor. And who is emerging from the sub as they arrive? Daniel Faraday. “Hey Miles, long time no see.”

Potential Geek alert: Might be a stretch, but the episode title, Some Like It Hoth. Hoth was the frozen planet in The Empire Strikes Back where the Rebel Alliance relocated until the Empire discovered them. The Rebels were able to stage a successful escape, even though they lost the Battle of Hoth. Thoth (SOME LIKE IT HOTH) was an Egyptian God of who was a mediator between good and evil, making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other, credited with inventing writing and hieroglyphics, and was present at the judgment of the deceased.

Potential Geek alert: The man Young Miles found dead was named Mr. Vonner. In the Blade series, there was a doctor of obstetrics named Vonner who selected young women and implanted them with virus incubators instead of babies. He also ran a vampire test lab. A stretch as well, most likely, but interesting that there's a second potential reference to vamps, with Bram (Stoker).

Post below with your comments/thoughts/input/calls of BS.

- Sean Salo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Move over Judge Judy - Make way for Judge Smokey

Locke kicked Ben’s ass. Desmond kicked Ben’s ass. The Temple’s floor kicked Ben’s ass. Smokey, strangely, showed Ben some home movies. And then Alex kicked Ben’s ass. And somehow, although this weasely mofo deserved an ass whupping more than anyone – ever – I wound up feeling a little bad for him. He’s a manipulator, and he manipulated me from the screen. Bastard. Someone get Michael Emerson an Emmy. Pls.

Lost 5x12: Dead is Dead

Island, 1977:
Charles Widmore, looking more like a Mediterranean soap opera star than a conniving Brit, fumes as he enters what looks like it could be an encampment in any time. In fact, I think it was intended to appear that it could have been Black Rock, native inhabitants, or earlier. However, it’s 1977, and Richard has just returned from The Temple with Little Ben. Charles accuses Richard of potentially blowing their cover, but he says that Jacob wanted it that way.

Island, 2007:
John gently wakes Ben, who looks a little panicked – “Oh God! You’re alive!”. He says, “because it’s one thing to believe it, John. It’s another thing to see it.” He says he was going to the main island to be judged – by the smoke monster – for breaking the rules. (Judge Smokey, coming to ABC, Weekdays at 4pm.)

Ben makes his way out to the beach, and some of the Ajira survivors are trying to carry a metal crate. No idea what is in the crate.

Guesses from the interwebs and friends on what’s in the crate:
• John Locke’s unopened coffin
• Nuclear warhead
• Ammunition for the “war” that’s about to come to the island
• The body of Charles Widmore
• Marcellus Wallace’s soul
• Gwyneth Paltrow’s head
• Obama's stimulus package for the island

Caesar approaches Ben to ask what he knows about Locke. Ben denies knowing him. (Like Simon denied knowing Jesus before he was crucified? He did look at John when he woke up and said, “My God!”)

Island, 1988:
Ben with an era-appropriate new wave ‘do (and looking frankly a little Pee Wee Herman-esque with dark hair) and young Ethan are poised to go after Rousseau – apparently on orders from Charles. When he enters her hut, though, he’s startled to see she has a baby. He takes Alex and says, “If you want your child to live, every time you hear whispers, you run the other way.”

Why would she need to run away from the whispers to keep Alex – and not herself – alive? Would the whispers somehow otherwise reunite her with Alex?

Island, 2007:
Ben is in his office, looking at a picture of him and Alex. He folds it and puts it into his pocket. (Call back to Desmond and his pic of Penny. John chides Ben for being a little corporate for leading from behind a desk, and then looks badass as he sits in Ben’s chair and demands they talk about the elephant in the room – why Ben killed John. Ben pauses. It seemed to me that he was trying to come up with the answer. He says it was the only way to get John back to the island, that otherwise the rest of the O6 wouldn’t have gone back. He stopped him from killing himself because he needed the information. He seems like he’s nervous and coming up with the story on the fly. Not like Ben really. John says he’s going to help Ben be judged and is going with him.

Geek alert: On and behind Ben’s desk are some unusual items – including an animal skull, a stuffed bird (a hawk? Hawks were commonly associated with the Egyptian god Horus, who had a hawk's head), and a what looks to me, anyway, like a leather-bound ledger (Could this be Tovard Hanso’s ledger from the Black Rock that Widmore won at auction?).

Back on the beach, Ben shoots Caesar for trying to stop them from taking the outrigger. Ben shoots Caesar when he demands more answers and then throws John the shotgun. Ben is back. As they reach the dock, John methodically puts on his – Christian’s – shoes. I assume he took them off because they had to walk the canoe out into the surf, but it seemed very pointed.

Question: Wasn’t the dock destroyed when Locke “blew up” the sub?

Island, 1988:
Charles is frustrated with Ben that he didn’t kill Rousseau, but he shoots back that Widmore didn’t tell him that she had a baby. Widmore says he should have killed her too, and Ben offers the baby to him for him to do it. Charles walks off and he and Richard look at each other knowingly.

Island, 2007:
Locke and Ben make their way up to New Otherton. John questions why they moved up there in the first place instead of living in the jungle – that it doesn’t seem like something the island would have wanted. Ben says, “you don’t have the first idea what this island wants.” John replies, “Are you sure about that?” John is Ben now. He seems in control and connected to the island and with a deeper understanding of the island than Ben has.

They see a light in Ben’s old house and he enters. Sun and Lapidus are inside. Lapidus shows them the photo Christian gave them and Ben seems genuinely surprised to see it. She says that Christian told them to wait there for John Locke. Ben tells them to look outside.

Geek alert: The Risk game was still on the table where it’d been left, and the portrait of Ben’s mom, Emily, was on the bedroom wall.

Locke explains his presence to them as best he can, and Lapidus is dumbfounded and says he’s going back to the plane to try to get help. But Sun stays to have Locke help find Jin. Locke tells Ben to “get to it” and on with the judging. Ben reveals his secret hieroglyph-adorned chamber and descends into it. He comes upon what looks like a murky cesspool and uncorks it. The muddy water drains and Ben says he’s waiting.

Island, 1988:
Ben’s pushing a young Alex on the swing. I’m guessing she’s about 4 years old. Richard says Charles is about to leave. Widmore is being escorted to the sub in cuffs. He’s being banished because he broke the rules – having a family off the island. But Ben says he’ll protect the island at all costs. Charles says that the island may want Alex dead one day. And then he leaves with a dismissive, “I’ll be seeing you, boy.”

Island, 2007:
Sun says that Jack must have lied about John being dead. Ben says Locke was indeed dead, but then lies and says that he had no idea John would come back to life- that he’s never seen anyone come back to life here.

John emerges from the jungle and Ben says the monster hasn’t come – it’s not a train – but John says he knows where to find it. Ben’s bug eyes bug even further.

Island, 2007:
Ben asks how John knows, and Locke says he just does. Locke says that Ben doesn’t to blindly follow others on faith and Ben agrees. They arrive at the wall surrounding The Temple. Locke says they’re not going in, they’re going under it. Ben asks Sun to tell Desmond he’s sorry if he doesn’t make it back. Ben descends into the hole.

Los Angeles, 2007:
Desmond sees Ben on the dock and Ben shoots him. He approaches Penny and says "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." “Hello, my name is Benjamin Linus,” as he's about to shoot her. But Ben is surprised to see little Charlie. He hesitates and appears to re-think it, but Desmond jumps him and beats the crap out of him and dumps him into the water.

Island, 2007:
Lapidus makes it back to the Hydra Island and he confronts Ilana. She says, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” He doesn’t understand the question and she cold cocks him with the butt of her rifle. She tells one of the other Ajira survivors that they’re all going.

Question: Ilana’s “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” question. Was this a security question/test, like Desmond's “What did one snowman say to the other?” joke.

Under The Temple, Ben tells Locke that he killed Alex – that’s what he will be judged for. Ben walks ahead, but falls through the floor and lands in a chamber below. Heiroglyphs abound. He walks up to what looks like it might be an altar and looks at a glyph of what appears to be the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Anubis, staring down the smoke monster. Just then, Judge Smokey enters the court and surrounds Ben. He sees scenes of his life and primarily of Alex, including the betrayal of her. And just as mysteriously as it entered, Smokey disappears.

Geek alert: Rather than subtle and hidden, the effects played out almost a little cheesily. Could this be them paying homage to The Wizard of Oz, and the scene with Dorothy in the tornado, when people fly by Dorothy's window? After all, Ben did name himself Henry Gale, Dorothy's uncle's name, when he was still lying about his past, and said he arrived on the island in a hot air balloon.

Geek alert: I have the internets and a poster on Ack Attack's page to thank for this, but could Smokey be Ammit, Egyptian bringer of divine retribution, a creature that devoured those heavy with wrongdoing.

Suddenly Alex appears. Ben apologizes and she grabs him by the neck and demands that he listen to and follow John Locke. Ben starts to cry and Alex is gone. Locke arrives with some vines to pull him up he tells John, “it let me live.”

So what did you think? I was thrilled with this episode. Awesome story, tons of mythology, and lots of Ben getting his ass kicked. Post below with your thoughts.

- Sean Salo

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back to the Future, man.

Little Ben gets a makeover at the Richard Alpert School of Everlasting Beauty. Kate gets chummy with Roger Linus. Aaron gets lost, but a Claire-alike takes care of him. Saywer’s big helicopter secret is revealed – “take care of my daughter.” Jack gets all Lockey. Locke practices his bedside manner. And Hurley plays the part of the audience and gets the time travel situation explained…in pretty good detail.

Lost 5x11: Whatever Happened, Happened

What a great episode of LOST last night. Not a big surprise, since this one was written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. We didn’t move any of the mysterious mythological questions forward, but we did get a killer plot-driven episode. Not a whole lot of geek alerts here. But perhaps some questions worth discussing.

Jin wakes up to a call on the radio and he says that the hostile has attacked him. Little Ben says “Help, please help”, sounding vaguely reminiscient of Jacob asking John Locke to “Help me”. Jin drives off.

Geek alert: Last week, the wound was on Little Ben’s left. This week, his right. Huh? Continuity error or is there something we don’t know yet about this?
He’s Our You:

Whatever Happened, Happned:

Los Angeles, 2007:
Patsy Cline’s “I’ve Got Your Picture” is on the car radio. Kate is driving with Infant Aaron in the car. She sings “Catch a Falling Star” to Aaron as they walk up to the door of Cassidy’s house. Cassidy, Saywer’s ex/scam victim and Kate’s accomplice in an earlier scam, as well, is home and Kate spills the beans on the truth about what happened on the island and with the rescue after giving her some cash for Clementine.

Geek alert: Patsy Cline is a common artist played in the background of Kate scenes. Patsy died at 30 in a plane crash.

Geek alert 2: The song Kate was singing to Aaron is the song that Claire used to sing to him and she said her mother sung to her as a baby. Did she ever tell Kate this? I don’t think so.

After leaving the dock in Long Beach where Ben confronted them all, Aaron asks for milk. Kate’s walking in a supermarket with Aaron looking for milk. He somehow gets separated from her and Kate is frantic until she sees him walking holding a woman’s hand. The woman is Claire! No, wait, it’s a Claire-alike…about 20 years later. She was walking him to the front to make an announcement.

Question: Was it just me, or did it look like she was walking Aaron to the exit? And we were clearly meant to think it was Claire. How did Aaron go missing in the first place?

They arrive at Cassidy’s house. Clementine greets them at the door. Cassidy comforts Kate who’s still upset about losting Aaron in the store. She tells Kate that she needed Aaron because “Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?”

Questions: Wasn’t she supposed to live in Albuquerque? If so, that’s a big trip from LA. And what was up with the big “No Soliciting” sign next to Cassidy’s doorbell?

Kate visits Claire’s mother, Mrs. Littleton. She fesses up about Aaron and Claire being alive on the island. Kate tells her that she didn’t come to her first because she needed him. Kate tells her she wants to leave Aaron with her to go back to the island and find Claire. And then in a teary goodbye, she leaves him.

Island, 1977:
Kate tries to get Saywer to help with Ben. Horace comes to check out the cell, they see Roger’s keys and Sayer goes to question Jack. Saywer stops first at the infirmary and confirms it was Roger’s keys. Little Ben’s injuries are too severe and Sawyer goes to Jack to see if he’ll help.

Miles and Hurley are talking about time travel and it’s the conversation that every casual and hardcore fan have had. Rather than paraphrase it, here it is:

Though Miles wasn’t able to answer why Ben didn’t recognize Sayid in the future, this was explained later.

Saywer begs Jack to help, but he refuses. He says that he already helped save Ben once – for Kate – and if he dies, he dies. Kate tries to convince him to change his mind. But Jack gets all Lockey and says that he’s been trying to fix things all this time, but maybe the island wants to fix things for itself and he’s been getting in the way. Kate says that she doesn’t like the new Jack, but he quips back, “you didn’t like the old me, Kate.”

Kate goes to the infirmary to donate blood. She tells Juliet they were engaged off-island, but then Roger bursts in. He and Kate get cozy as she tries to calm Roger down. Juliet sends him to get medical supplies and she tells Kate that the Others might be able to help him.

She and Kate put injured Little Ben in a Dharma van and Kate takes him into the jungle.

Kate arrives at the sonic fence, and Little Ben tells Kate to apologize to Roger for stealing his keys. Sawyer shows up and helps her take Ben across.

Kate’s helping with Little Ben’s broken heart. She and Sawyer carry him into the jungle.

Juliet confronts Jack as he gets out of the shower. She says she needed Jack, and he says he wasn’t going to save Ben, but he came back to save them. “We didn’t need saving”, she says. Jack says he came back because he was supposed to, but he’s not sure why yet.

Sawyer tells Kate that the two of them wouldn’t have worked out. But she says he was doing well with Juliet and he replies that he’s grown up in the past 3 years.

The hostiles surround them and Sawyer demands to see Richard to save Little Ben.

They come upon Richard in the jungle. They tell him that he’s been shot and want Richard to help Little Ben. He says that if they take him, “He won’t ever be the same again…He’ll forget that this ever happened and his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us.” Beardie Other says that he shouldn’t do this without asking Ellie, and if Charles finds out… He says he doesn’t answer to either of them. He and Ben enter the Temple.

Question: So what is the process he’ll be going through? Why would he forget what happened to him? And why didn’t he forget his father if he would forget Sayid. And is this why Ben has said he was born on the island, when we know he was born in Portland? Is he re-born in the Temple?

Island 2007:
Ben wakes up in the Ajira 316 infirmary and Locke is sitting at his bedside. Ben looks at Locke a little incredulously and Locke says, “Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey.” “Hello Ben, welcome back to the land of the living.”

The juxtaposition of this scene with the one of Ben being carried off by Richard was great. A lot of speculation exists on whether Ben’s tumor could have been related to where he was shot.

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