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LOST 6x16: “Get your friends. We’re very close to the end.”

Richard Alpert gets a sore throat from UnLocke. Widmore whispers sweet nothings to UnLocke. Young Jacob asks to see Hurley’s ass…I mean ash. And Jack drinks the Kool-Aid.

LOST 6x16: What They Died For

I think I intentionally delayed the writing of this recap in the hopes that the season would somehow be extended if I did so. Alas, LOST is coming to an end tomorrow evening. I’m not even sure what to say about it. They media and fan community anticipation is almost overwhelming. I’ve never watched the show with anyone really but my wife, so in a way I’m glad we’re having people over to watch tomorrow as a distraction from the impossible hype.

They’re literally rushing through to the end. (More than I’m comfortable with, actually…) So as we come to the end of this incredible series, what did you think about this episode, and how do you think it’s going to end? I just want to thank my regular readers – even the ones who pester me about where the recaps are within hours of the episode airing. And commenters to the blog, I think I’ll miss you most of all. Comment below with your thoughts.

Los Angeles, 2004:

We see another close-up on Jack’s eye open the episode and are called back to the pilot episode post-crash. Sideways Jack wakes up and walks into his bathroom to see blood on his neck, just as he had on the sideways flight 815. This time, it appears that the wound is fresh. At breakfast, David reminds Jack about the concert, and Jack asks him if his mom will be there.

Out walks Claire, and they eat breakfast together as a family. The phone rings, and it’s Oceanic Airlines saying they’ve found the coffin. However, we see that on the other end of the line is Desmond, grinning.

Nerd alert: More mirror staring time…

Question: The mom has got to be Juliet, right?

Desmond starts his car, and we realize he’s back in the same parking lot where he hit Locke and sent him and his wheelchair flying. Dr. Ben Linus happens to be walking by and jumps in front of the car and calls for help, screaming for someone to call 911. Desmond hops out of the car and starts wailing on Ben. But Desmond says, “I’m not here to hurt him, I’m here to help him let go.” Ben asks who he is, and Desmond starts wailing on his face.

Ben gets flashes of Desmond wailing on him at the pier, when Ben was there to shoot Penny, and it’s clear that Ben has some recognition of what Desmond was trying to awaken him to see.

Ben goes to the school nurse’s office and is staring into the mirror as Locke wheels up. He tells Locke of the attack, and Locke tries to call the police. But Ben tells him that Desmond said he was trying to get Locke to let go, and he says that he believed him. Ben asks if that means anything to him, and it’s clear Locke’s gears start turning.

Walking into the police precinct, Desmond asks to see a detective. Miles reminds Det. James (“Sawyer”) Ford about the benefit concert for his father’s museum and invites James again. Desmond comes into the room and confesses that he hit Ben with his car. They walk Desmond back to lockup and he’s placed in a cell with Sayid and one next to Kate.

Question: Do they actually keep men and women in adjacent cells? I’m thinking not.

Bending down, Alex runs over to Dr. Linus and is upset to see him hurt. She’s dumbfounded that anyone could do this to “the nicest man on earth”. She insists on giving him a ride home, and his mother, Danielle Rousseau (she cleans up pretty nice) invites him for dinner as well. At the house, Danielle tells him that Alex is the closest thing to a father she’s ever had, and Ben looks out to see her and realizes his impact, but also, I’m guessing, is remembering the sideways pain of losing her on the island.

Locke arrives at Jack’s office and starts talking to him about the coincidences between them. He tells Jack that Desmond wanted Locke to “let go”, which is the same thing that Jack told him earlier in the hospital. He realizes it’s time to let go and try the surgery to re-gain use of his legs again.

Kate, Desmond and Sayid are in a van, and Sayid agrees to work with them to get free. The door in the van opens and it’s Ana Lucia. Hurley arrives with a bag of cash to bribe Ana Lucia to let them go. (So Ana Lucia is the only one of the sideways folks that havent been redeemed?) Desmond tells Kate they’re going to a concert.

On the island, 2007:
On the beach, Jack’s making some thread out of an old shirt and sewing up Katie’s bullet wound. Kate’s taking it like a trooper, but acknowledges what we all knew and hoped wouldn’t go unnoticed – that Sun and Jin left behind a little girl, and that Jin never even met her. Kate tells Jack that they have to kill Locke, and he answers, “I know.”

Nerd alert: Call back to the pilot episode when Kate sewed up the wound on Jack’s shoulder.

Staring out at the ocean, Sawyer sees a pair of life vests washing ashore and we’re reminded again of Sun and Jin. Kate cuddles up to Sawyer. Jack says that they have to set out to find Desmond to protect him from Locke.

We re-visit Ben, Miles and Richard (finally!) as they’re looking for Ben’s old house. Miles asks if Ben knows where he’s going, and Ben reminds them he lived there for years, but Miles retorts that he was there 30 years before him, “otherwise known as last week”. Ben wants to find the C-4 explosives in his house so they can blow up the plane.

Nerd alert: Didn’t Ben’s face looked bruised in almost the same exact way as in the flash sideways post-Des beating?

Miles is stopped in his tracks, and Richard tells Ben that Miles is sensing Alex, because Richard buried her there. Ben looks more determined than ever to complete his task. They head into Ben’s secret room and as they’re packing it up, they hear someone out in the house. They find Zoe in the kitchen, and Ben asks, as if for the rest of us, “who the hell are you?” Charles Widmore answers, “She’s with me,” as he walks into the house.

Ben asks what he’s doing there, and Widmore sends off Zoe to sink the outrigger so UnLocke can’t use it. He tells Ben that the plane is already rigged with explosives. Asking how Widmore got back to the island, Ben is in disbelief to hear that Jacob asked him to come. Just as he’s about to reveal his plan, Zoe interrupts the answer by radioing in that UnLocke has arrived at the dock.

In the jungle, Sawyer asks Jack if he’s responsible for the deaths on the sub, and Jack assures him it was Locke who killed them. Trailing behind, Hurley sees young Jacob, who demands the bag of ashes from Hurley. He snatches them from his hand, and Jacob runs off. Hurley chases after him and finds adult Jacob sitting by a campfire.

Jacob tells him that his ashes are in the fire, and when they’re gone, Hurley will never see him again. “You should get your friends, we’re very close to the end, Hugo.”

Charles and Zoe go to hide, and Ben asks for their walkies. Miles runs off, and Alpert goes out to confront UnLocke and talk to him. Ben goes out to witness the exchange. What he sees instead, was the black smoke monster come barreling into the village and throws Richard – BY…HIS…THROAT – across New Otherton. (I guess UnLocke wasn’t all that interested in talking after all.) Ben slowly walks to the porch and he appears to be waiting to die. UnLocke walks up and uses his hunting knife to clean his finger nails. He tells Ben that he needs him to kill a few more people (UnLocke still can’t directly kill the Candidates), and asks whose outrigger was at the dock. Ben not only tells him it was Widmore’s, but that he’s hiding in the closet in Ben’s house.

Gripe: So Richard Alpert is tossed away like trash? Like an unimportant bit player? I'm hoping he's still alive and will factor into the finale episode...

Question: Ben is totally playing UnLocke, yes?

Ben tells UnLocke where to find them and even that Zoe is armed. He opens the safe room, and UnLocke is almost pleasant again, “how nice it is to talk without those fences between us.” He asks who Zoe is, and Widmore tells her not to say anything. Locke pulls out his knife and slits her throat. “You told her not to talk to me and that made her pointless.” He tells Charles that if he doesn’t help him get off the island, he will get off eventually, and he will kill Penny.

Widmore starts to answer questions saying that he brought Desmond there as “a measure of last resort.” He says he won’t say any more in front of Ben, and just as he starts, Ben shoots him three times, and declares: “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.” UnLocke says that Widmore had already told him what he needed.

At the campfire, Hurley introduces – or re-introduces – Jack, Kate and Sawyer to Jacob. Hurley is dumbfounded that the others can see him. Kate asks about the names on the wall and wants to know that Sun, Jin and Sayid didn’t die for nothing. They sit down as Jacob tells them why they’re there.

Nerd alert: The four Candidates are the same four as those kidnapped by the Others in season two's "Live Together, Die Alone".

Jacob says that he doesn’t know where to start. Hurley wisely points him to “why you brought us to the island.” Jacob admits that he made a mistake creating the black smoke monster and because of that every one of them and everyone they know is going to die. Sawyer complains that he was doing fine until he was dragged there, but he calls bullshit – they were all like him, all alone and looking for something they couldn’t find. Kate asks why her name was crossed off in the cave, and he dismisses it, saying he crossed her out because she became a mother, “it was just a line of chalk in a cave, the job is yours if you want it.” Jacob asks them to kill UnLocke. He gives them a choice on whether they want to take over for him, and Jack steps up, saying this is his purpose.

Question: So all the over analyzing of the names on the cave and on the wheel were for nothing? And the cave was actually Jacob’s and not MIB’s? Man, that was a lot of thinking that went into that storyline down the drain, when essentially anyone on the island could have been a candidate.

Sawyer jokes, “I thought that guy had a God-complex before…” Hurley’s relieved, saying he’s just glad it’s not him. Jacob tells Jack to find the heart of the island out past the bamboo he was laying in when 815 crashed. Jack says there’s nothing out there, but Jacob smiles coyly. He tells Jack that he can now get there. Jacob asks for a cup and starts to say some Latin prayers as he cleanses his hands. Jack asks how long he’ll need to do the job, and Jacob says, “as long as you can.” Jack finishes the cup of water and Jacob says, “now you’re like me.” Long pause from Jack on this news…

Nerd alert: Again, this scene was reminiscent of Jesus turning the water into wine.

Ben asks why UnLocke would even bother walking when he can just float above it. UnLocke answers that he likes to have his feet on the ground – it reminds him that he used to be human. They arrive at the well and see that Desmond is no longer down there. He tells Ben that he’s happy that Desmond is still alive because he’s going to use Desmond to destroy the island.

So in the home stretch, how do you think it’s going to end? Drop a comment below with your thoughts or theories (no spoilers if you know of them).

-Sean Salo


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I now know how it feels to not have posts on your blog. Kinda sucks. In my defence (English spelling of course) Michael is absoultely obsessed with your every word. Part LOST and part your writing. DO NOT STOP WRITING!
I never commented because he was the voice for two, oh and I'm a douche bag. (Your name for me. I have accepted it's truth) :)

Sean I hope you realize two things: 1. I think your writing is A++. I SO HOPE you keep writing about anything. I don't care what it is. Just please keep the pen to the paper and the fingerprints to the keys. 2. Michael has lived and breathed your blog since we first started back into the show in Season 2 and for me 3. If I had a dime for everytime Mike said at 7:01 pm left coast time, what did Sean say? What did he say? The powerball winner would bow down to my riches. And don't even get me started on him walking thru the door upset every night after work. "Sean hasn't posted his blog yet." Dude, by certain Fridays I wanted to kill you!

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When I came home from work today he told me you had finally posted last weeks ep and he said what you had said about not wanting to post because you wanted it to somehow continue. When Mike said this he truly had that sadness in his voice that you expressed.

To be totally honest, I think. No. I know Mike is going to miss your blog almost, if not more than the show. Now that is a very Jacob-like gift.

Well Done my friend. Well Done.

Sean said...

Wow - thanks for the kind words. I'm psyched to think that I added to the LOST experience for anyone.

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I totally called that Juliet was the exwife!