Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel is f***ing Ben Affleck

Is this the funniest video ever made? No need to answer. The answer is yes. Resume your day. Enjoy.

Of course I geeked out to Dominic Monaghan's cameo. And Don Cheadle and Harrison Ford. This is made of win.

Grenades for breakfast

Yet again last night, LOST totally Scooby Doo’d us. Kate wasn’t pregnant with Sawyer’s baby. But she is playing mommy to Aaron, Claire’s son, in life off the island. Is Claire still on the island after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, or did she meet with an unfortunate end? Oh, and Locke makes Miles a breakfast fortified with extra minerals. Hit me up with your comments on what you believe happened to Claire, and what that ghostbuster Miles is up to.

Lost 4x04: Eggtown

Any episode of LOST that starts with an extreme eye close-up is typically a sign that person is in distress. Such was the case with Locke. He’s become Ben, in many ways. He seems to be losing touch with the forces of the island, his team is questioning him and he’s acting irrationally.

Locke hands Ben a book he’s already read, Philip K. Dick’s “Valis.” In a wink to the audience’s insanity with reviewing every freeze frame of the series, Locke tells him to read it again because, “You might catch something you missed, the second time around.” Locke appeals to Ben for information on Miles, and Ben continues to throw him off his game, chiding Locke for hitting dead ends. Locke tries to shrug it off, and Ben exclaims, “Excellent, John! You’re evolving.” But how is he evolving? Is John evolving to the point where power corrupts him, as it may have done with Ben?

Hurley’s tricked into revealing where Miles is being held. Kate makes her way to him only to find that he wants to speak to Ben. Sawyer was reading a novel and Hurley had just popped “Xanadu” into the VCR when Kate arrived to ask for Sawyer’s help. Oddly, in the preview clips earlier this week, the videotape that Hurley put in was “Satan’s Doom” with a Metallica track blaring, not “Xanadu” with Olivia Newton-John, as aired last night.

Geek alert: The book Sawyer was reading in the house was “The Invention of Morel”, in which a fugitive on a deserted island in the South Pacific encounters a group of tourists who don’t acknowledge his presence. He realizes they exist as film-like images captured in an invention that attempts to reproduce reality and provide immortality for those filmed.

Sawyer visits Locke and they play backgammon. Sawyer takes the white pieces, Locke the black. Good vs. evil symbols again. Perhaps this is a further sign of Locke’s fizzling connection to the island. Kate manages to break into Locke’s house with Miles and brings him to Ben. What did Miles want from him? Answers? A Psychic Friends reading? A guided tour of the island? Nope. He wants $3.2 million to tell the people he works for that Ben is dead. Is Miles just blackmailing him, or is it coded speech to Ben? Or could Miles and the freighter people know that Ben would have to leave the island to get that much scratch, providing them with their only actual chance to capture him?

Elsewhere on the island, Daniel Faraday and Charlotte are playing a memory card game, and Daniel is struggling to recall the three cards. Does Daniel have no short-term memory? Could this be why he couldn’t answer why he’d been crying at the news report of the recovery of Flight 815, or why he wasn’t able to answer what was up with the hazmat suits and gas masks that were on the chopper? Or is he practicing ESP with Charlotte? Juliet and Jack convince them to call back to the freighter on another line, and they learn that the helicopter that left a day and a half ago has not made it back to the ship. Whoops, guess Frank didn’t follow the exact same bearings he took in, as Daniel warned him.

John visits Miles, now held much more securely at the boathouse. Locke puts a live grenade in Miles’ mouth and leaves him there to think about the answers to who they are and what they’re doing there. In one of the most evil lines ever delivered on the show, Locke says to Miles, “Enjoy your breakfast.”

In the flash forward, we see Kate’s courtroom trial. Jack is a surprise witness for the defense, and we learn the lie they’ve all been forced to tell: Only 8 people survived the initial crash and Kate helped get them all to the shore of an island where they nearly starved to death. Kate’s given probation thanks to her mother’s refusal to testify against her. Jack meets her outside the courthouse, but says he can’t go with her because he doesn’t want to see her son. The assumption that it’s Sawyer’s son is shattered when they dropped the bomb on us that it was Aaron. Scooby Doo’d, indeed!

Geek alert: In the painting in Aaron's nursery, there's a 6 of spades card with the number 7 on it in a painting. Why is that there?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sayid and Ben cuddle up for Valentine's Day

Last night’s flash forward heavy episode of LOST was a grower, not a shower. We learn little bits of Sayid’s post-island life building up to the knock-you-on-your-ass cliffhanger moment. For instance, Flash-forward Sayid is: 1) dapper; 2) an assassin; 3) suave with the ladies; 4) able to pull it together after being shot; and…oh yeah, 5) working for Ben!

Really, we could end it right here, because it’s tough to recall most of what happened after seeing Ben in the room with Sayid in Berlin. How did Ben get off the island? And more importantly, why would Sayid be working for him? What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts.

LOST 4x03: The Economist

Sayid stares at Naomi’s corpse for a bit and admires her jewelry. (Inscription said “N – I’ll always be with you – R.G.”) Sayid makes a deal with the pilot, Frank, to deliver Charlotte back to the chopper team in order to snag a coveted exit row seat on the first flight back to the freighter. Sayid, Kate and Miles set off to get Charlotte. Frank asks Jack about Sayid. If Frank knew the passenger manifest so well that he knew Juliet was not on the flight, wouldn’t he have likely known where Sayid was from?

Team Locke can’t find Jacob’s cabin where he and Ben had visited it. Ben digs at John, saying he needs someone to ask what to do next. Clearly Ben’s mindgames are putting doubts out there. Hurley asks Locke to let Charlotte go as an act of “good faith.” Locke, always the man of faith, calls that an act of foolishness.

Sayid’s crew find Hurley bound and gagged in a closet in Juliet’s house in Otherville. But Hurley was swayed to pretend to have been left behind by Locke and crew. Sayid’s crew split up, and Sayid finds Ben’s secret room. Is this the “Magic Box?” There there are several international passports, including a Swiss one has a name of Dean Moriarty on it, and a drawer filled with various currency. An out-of-circulation ₤20 note with the image of Michael Faraday – physicist Daniel Faraday seems to be named after – topped one stack of cash. (Photo from

Much like Ben did earlier, Locke separates Sayid’s crew. Sayid is held with Ben in the Recreation Center, Kate with Sawyer in Ben’s house. The scene mirrors the one from last season’s “Man From Tallahassee” episode where Kate is held after trying to rescue Jack.

With all these scenes, it’s almost as if The Losties’ are transforming into The Others: Now they know the island, they ambush newcomers, they withhold information, they keep the rest of their teams in the dark, and they use people as bargaining chips.

Sayid returns to the chopper with Charlotte and says he traded Miles for her. But we didn’t see the transaction. What was it that we didn’t see?

Geek alerts:
  • George Minkowski – The guy back on the freighter. Predictably, his name’s not just a name. Hermann Minkowski was a German mathematician who in 1907 theorized that in Einstein’s special theory of relativity, space and time aren’t separate dimensions, but are intertwined in what is known as the space-time continuum. Confused? Don’t worry. All you need to know is that Minkowski is a clue that perhaps space and time don’t follow the typical patterns here on the island. This theory seems to be a clue to solve Daniel’s experiment where the clock from the rocket “payload” was 31 minutes ahead of the clock he had on the island. But I’m betting that the island isn’t just 31 minutes off from the rest of the world.

  • Here’s a brainbreaker for you: Jack asks Frank if the Red Sox really won the World Series, and Frank says yes. However, if time moves differently on the island, could it be that Frank was replying yes about 2007’s Series, not 2004’s, when the Losties crashed?

  • Elsa was wearing the same type of bracelet as Naomi. Was Elsa actually Naomi’s “RG”? Or did Elsa and Naomi both work for the same people?

LOST news: The producers announced that we’ll get five more episodes this season, for a total of thirteen. The remaining three we would have gotten will roll up into a future season, meaning we will still get the planned episodes of LOST. Of course this means that we’ll get an accelerated story leading up to the season finale. I’ll take it. - Sean Salo

Friday, February 8, 2008

A physicist, a ghostbuster, an anthropologist and a drunk walk onto an island…

From polar bears on tropical islands to polar bear remains in the North African desert, from ghosts in the cabin to ghost whisperers, Thursday night’s brilliant episode of LOST continued to take the show in new directions. We meet the goofballs who are supposed to rescue the Losties, and Ben gives us even more reason to love and hate him. “Tell my sister I love her”, cuz after this episode, I feel like my brain exploded with LOST goodness. “Comment” below with your fave freak out moments.

LOST 4x02: Confirmed Dead

Under the sea - The open of tonight’s episode is an underwater mission to retrieve shipwrecks – the Black Rock? – in the Sunda Trench, in the Indian Ocean off of Bali. However, the crew stumbles upon Oceanic Flight 815 – just where Naomi mentioned they found it. The subsequent news reports triggers a series of flashbacks that introduce us to the ragtag crew of the chopper that has arrived from SS “Not Penny’s Boat”.

Animal magnetism - Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) is watching the news coverage of the discovery of 815 at home in Massachusetts when he starts to weep. When asked why he’s crying, he says he doesn’t know. (Is he an “empath” who tuned into the emotions of the family seeing the report?) Next we see him on the island, in a vest and tie. I’ve never seen ties in the outdoor equipment store at the mall, but maybe I’m shopping at the wrong mall. He tells them he’s a physicist. Kate, Jack and Daniel come upon a container of gas masks and bags with biohazard symbols. Were they anticipating a “purge”, like the one where Ben and team gassed the Dharma folk, or were they expecting to defend against being “purged”? Homeboy is all twitchy and stuff, so add that to his not-so-fly paratrooper gear, and this was our first clue this ain’t The A-Team.

(Geek alert: Michael Faraday was a physicist who studied electromagnetism in the 1700s. One of his findings was named Faraday’s Law, which became one of the four Maxwell equations, which would only mean something if you were insane enough to have spent several weeks playing ABC’s game and were introduced to The Maxwell Group who are looking for 815. Later in life, Michael Faraday also discovered what’s known as the Faraday Effect, which established magnetic force and light are related.) So was Daniel Faraday’s comment to Jack and Kate that the light didn’t “scatter right” on the island a reference to the magnetism scattering the light to keep the island invisible to the outside world?

Who you gonna call? - Next we meet Miles Straume (Ken Leung) – probably a play on “maelstrom”, or a dangerous whirlpool in a body of water. He’s entering the house of a Mrs. Gardner to remove a spirit of her grandson from his bedroom with some Dustbuster-looking contraption – while he’s at it, he removes some cash from the room as well. (Geek alert: the photo frames of her grandson are completely different on the way up the stairs than they are on the way down. No idea what this means. Did he open an alternate reality in the room?)

On the island, he plays possum until Jack and Kate are upon him and then forces them to take him to Naomi, who he knows is dead. He knows not cuz he’s all Sixth Sense, but because she relayed the “Tell my sister I love her” code for “Got a gun pointed at my head” before she died. He seems pretty attached to Naomi, and when they arrive at her body, he knows they were telling the truth about Locke having killed her.

Charlotte Sometimes - Next we’re in Tunisia and Charlotte (Rebecca Mader), a pushy archaeologist, makes her way into an illegal dig site and finds a polar bear skeleton – with a Dharma Initiative Hydra station collar! Dun dun dun… Did it get there through time travel? Dimensional travel? Something tells me it’ll take a few episodes to find this out. ;)

Her full name, Charlotte Staples Lewis, is certainly a nod to C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia. (Geek alert: Narnia is a land with magical animals you can only get to through a secret entrance…like the magic box?) Her parachute became entangled with a tree and she was dangling over a lagoon. She cut free and encountered Locke and his merry band of Losties. She seems genuinely confused about why they wouldn’t be excited to see her when – POW – Ben pops a couple of caps in her chest. Good thing she was wearing body armor – it’s what all the stylish archaeologists don in the field.

Guess it's not better in the Bahamas - We meet Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) in The Bahamas when he calls Oceanic’s crash info number following the discovery of 815. Frank was supposed to have been the pilot of the flight, so he knows the body they claim is the pilot in the recovery video is not that of Seth Norris, his friend who piloted the flight.

Frank lands on the island and the first thing he encounters is one of Mikhail’s cows, a nice call back to last season, and he shoots off a rescue flare. He later says the helicopter was struck by lightning, but he’d been able to land it safely.

Naomi may be gone, but she's not forgotten - Naomi was not only part of the rescue team, but it seems she was leading them. Only problem is, they weren’t there to rescue the 815ers, they were sent to get Ben. She and the spooky Matthew Abaddon, the “Oceanic lawyer” who visited Hurley in the flash forward from last week’s season opener, had a meeting in a warehouse where they discussed the crew for this mission. Abaddon was adamant that the team he assembled would get it done because she was leading them. So when he asked Hurley, “Are they still alive?”, did he mean the other people from Oceanic 815 or the rescue crew?

(Geek alert: Naomi’s last name is Dorrit, perhaps a reference to Charles Dickens’ “Little Dorrit” satirical novel that condemned his era’s debtor’s prisons, where people who owed money were held until their debts were repaid. Could the island be a “spiritual debtor’s prison”, where you have to work at repaying your debts to karma before you can leave?

Meanwhile, back on the island - Team Locke is making a detour looking for Jacob’s cabin. Hurley almost reveals that he’s seen it and Ben’s eyes bug out of his head – even more than usual.

After Ben shot Charlotte, Locke appears ready to kill Ben. Fearing for his life, he offers Locke answers. In a nod to the audience who’ve complained about the pace of answers, Locke demands to know what the black smoke is. (FINALLY!) Ben says he doesn’t know. (DRATS!) Locke is about to shoot him, and Ben opens up like a fountain – revealing he knows every detail about Charlotte and the rest of the rescue team. Ben knows this…how? He has a spy planted on the freighter working for him who alerted him to the rescuers’ identity. Who’s this mystery man? Richard Alpert? Oscar Talbot, who works for the Maxwell Group? My money’s on Michael. We all know Ben likely didn’t really let him and Walt go…

With cautiously optimistic reports of a deal in the WGA strike, there could be even more reason to celebrate LOST. Hit me up with some comments on your thoughts on the show.

New reports of an end to the writer's strike...

Michael Eisner told CNBC that there's been a deal struck for the end of the WGA Strike. Let's hope the WGA accepts the new proposal tomorrow! Come on more Lost and The Office!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Reports That LOST Has Resumed Production (EDIT: Confirmed FALSE)

DarkUFO is reporting that Lost has resumed production in Hawaii!!! Could be amazing news for the possibility of a full 16 episode season! Keep yer fingers crossed folks.

EDIT: Reports now state it was for a Lifetime movie. Oh well. "Looks like it was a shoot for “Special Delivery.” Apparently it’s not unusual for one production to use another production’s staff and assets, even leaving vehicle signage and trailer placards in place. As for the crewmembers who said “LOST” was back? I’ve obviously been punk’d. And I probably deserved it. So the bad news is, “LOST” production has not resumed, after all. The good news is, Jack Bender is not working on a Lifetime Channel flick. Sorry, all."

Never Say Never, Dude

Lost finally returned from hiatus on Thursday with an episode that both helped bridge the gap from last season’s focus on The Others and dropped enough nuclear mind bombs on us to keep the fans buzzing on this one all week. Here’s a list of some of the things we learned, some new questions raised and some things that got our panties all up in a bunch. Tell me your theories about this episode and what moments had you on your feet in “Comments.”

Lost 4x01: The Beginning of the End

Good evening Los Angeles, give it up for The Oceanic Six! - The number six showed up in promos for the season, apparently in reference to The Oceanic Six. We know Jack, Hurley and Kate are among the six, but Kate was actually a fugitive before the crash, so did she hide her identity or perhaps even stow away among the six and sneak back into society? Could explain the clandestine meeting with future Jack at the airport runway. Those who made it off the island are keeping mum about the other survivors, for reasons yet to be declared. It wouldn’t be Lost if they didn’t clue us in to something we needed to know, and then leave us hanging.

Cabin Hopscotch - Jacob’s cabin hops around Hurley – not an easy task. When Hurley finally takes the bait, he gets a way freakier peep show than he expected…a lantern, a painting of the dog on the wall, and a chair rocking with a white-sneakered Christian Shephard in it. (Check the screencaps out there.) In the last “Missing Pieces” mobisode released by ABC, we see Christian in the jungle – whose body was being transported on the flight back to the US – on the island just after the crash telling Vincent the dog to wake up his son Jack because he has a lot of work to do. (Image from

Peek-a-Boo - We see an eye meet Hurley’s through the window and we lose our shit along with him. Of course we have no idea who else was in the cabin – some options – Jacob, Locke, perhaps Mikhail back from the dead again… (Image from

Sharpies come in handy for water scenes – Hurley realizes he’s better off in an institution and jumps at the offer/threat that the detective, Ana Lucia’s former partner, makes. Hurley’s been seeing Charlie where ever he goes, including on the other side of the 2-way mirror in the interrogation room. Charlie has “THEY NEED YOU” written in marker on his hand, before the mirror crashes and water starts rushing in to the room until the detective walks back in and no one’s there. (Image from

A lawyer walks into a mental hospital… - Oceanic’s lawyer, Matthew Abbadon (Lance Riddick, HBO’s The Wire) visits Hurley to offer him an upgrade to first class from the coach class mental hospital he’s in. He asks Hurley, “Are they still alive?” Hurley asks for his card, but Abbadon can’t produce one. Hurley flips his wig and the guy leaves. (Abaddon, variation on spelling, is defined as “a place of destruction,” or “the gates of hell” or as “the destroyer”.) Forgetting his business cards may be just the tip of the evil iceberg with this dude. (Image from

“I See Dead People” - Hurley might not be crazy, though. Another patient at the hospital tells Hurley that someone’s staring at him and points off in the direction of the now-dead Charlie. (Though it could have been the random, out of focus guy behind Charlie who we didn’t notice because our brains broke after seeing Charlie standing there.) Charlie tries to convince Hurley to help the people still on the island.

Jack stinks at HORSE – Jack visits Hurley to play a little basketball, and Hurley says to Jack, “It wants us to go back, and it’s going to do everything it can…” IT? Can someone please explain? It seems that it’s pre-Jack flash forward from last season’s ender. Hurley tells Jack that he should have stayed with him, and not gone off with Locke.

It’s not you, it’s me...let's break up – After news gets to the Losties that the helicopter might not bring salvation, the survivors break up into two groups. Locke, who appears to not have been as loony as we thought after the sub explosion, leads a group of people up to the Other’s barracks and relative security. Ben, still hog tied, delivers the line of the night, requesting, “With your permission, Jack, I’d like to go with John.” Jack’s group stays behind to deal with the crew on the helicopter. The helicopter appears to lose control over the island, but a man manages to parachute out. They run to him, he takes off his helmet and asks, “Are you Jack?” The end.