Monday, February 4, 2008

Reports That LOST Has Resumed Production (EDIT: Confirmed FALSE)

DarkUFO is reporting that Lost has resumed production in Hawaii!!! Could be amazing news for the possibility of a full 16 episode season! Keep yer fingers crossed folks.

EDIT: Reports now state it was for a Lifetime movie. Oh well. "Looks like it was a shoot for “Special Delivery.” Apparently it’s not unusual for one production to use another production’s staff and assets, even leaving vehicle signage and trailer placards in place. As for the crewmembers who said “LOST” was back? I’ve obviously been punk’d. And I probably deserved it. So the bad news is, “LOST” production has not resumed, after all. The good news is, Jack Bender is not working on a Lifetime Channel flick. Sorry, all."

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