Monday, February 25, 2008

Grenades for breakfast

Yet again last night, LOST totally Scooby Doo’d us. Kate wasn’t pregnant with Sawyer’s baby. But she is playing mommy to Aaron, Claire’s son, in life off the island. Is Claire still on the island after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, or did she meet with an unfortunate end? Oh, and Locke makes Miles a breakfast fortified with extra minerals. Hit me up with your comments on what you believe happened to Claire, and what that ghostbuster Miles is up to.

Lost 4x04: Eggtown

Any episode of LOST that starts with an extreme eye close-up is typically a sign that person is in distress. Such was the case with Locke. He’s become Ben, in many ways. He seems to be losing touch with the forces of the island, his team is questioning him and he’s acting irrationally.

Locke hands Ben a book he’s already read, Philip K. Dick’s “Valis.” In a wink to the audience’s insanity with reviewing every freeze frame of the series, Locke tells him to read it again because, “You might catch something you missed, the second time around.” Locke appeals to Ben for information on Miles, and Ben continues to throw him off his game, chiding Locke for hitting dead ends. Locke tries to shrug it off, and Ben exclaims, “Excellent, John! You’re evolving.” But how is he evolving? Is John evolving to the point where power corrupts him, as it may have done with Ben?

Hurley’s tricked into revealing where Miles is being held. Kate makes her way to him only to find that he wants to speak to Ben. Sawyer was reading a novel and Hurley had just popped “Xanadu” into the VCR when Kate arrived to ask for Sawyer’s help. Oddly, in the preview clips earlier this week, the videotape that Hurley put in was “Satan’s Doom” with a Metallica track blaring, not “Xanadu” with Olivia Newton-John, as aired last night.

Geek alert: The book Sawyer was reading in the house was “The Invention of Morel”, in which a fugitive on a deserted island in the South Pacific encounters a group of tourists who don’t acknowledge his presence. He realizes they exist as film-like images captured in an invention that attempts to reproduce reality and provide immortality for those filmed.

Sawyer visits Locke and they play backgammon. Sawyer takes the white pieces, Locke the black. Good vs. evil symbols again. Perhaps this is a further sign of Locke’s fizzling connection to the island. Kate manages to break into Locke’s house with Miles and brings him to Ben. What did Miles want from him? Answers? A Psychic Friends reading? A guided tour of the island? Nope. He wants $3.2 million to tell the people he works for that Ben is dead. Is Miles just blackmailing him, or is it coded speech to Ben? Or could Miles and the freighter people know that Ben would have to leave the island to get that much scratch, providing them with their only actual chance to capture him?

Elsewhere on the island, Daniel Faraday and Charlotte are playing a memory card game, and Daniel is struggling to recall the three cards. Does Daniel have no short-term memory? Could this be why he couldn’t answer why he’d been crying at the news report of the recovery of Flight 815, or why he wasn’t able to answer what was up with the hazmat suits and gas masks that were on the chopper? Or is he practicing ESP with Charlotte? Juliet and Jack convince them to call back to the freighter on another line, and they learn that the helicopter that left a day and a half ago has not made it back to the ship. Whoops, guess Frank didn’t follow the exact same bearings he took in, as Daniel warned him.

John visits Miles, now held much more securely at the boathouse. Locke puts a live grenade in Miles’ mouth and leaves him there to think about the answers to who they are and what they’re doing there. In one of the most evil lines ever delivered on the show, Locke says to Miles, “Enjoy your breakfast.”

In the flash forward, we see Kate’s courtroom trial. Jack is a surprise witness for the defense, and we learn the lie they’ve all been forced to tell: Only 8 people survived the initial crash and Kate helped get them all to the shore of an island where they nearly starved to death. Kate’s given probation thanks to her mother’s refusal to testify against her. Jack meets her outside the courthouse, but says he can’t go with her because he doesn’t want to see her son. The assumption that it’s Sawyer’s son is shattered when they dropped the bomb on us that it was Aaron. Scooby Doo’d, indeed!

Geek alert: In the painting in Aaron's nursery, there's a 6 of spades card with the number 7 on it in a painting. Why is that there?

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