Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fly away sweet little bird. Fly away and be free.

Karen does get the promotion – sort of. Andy gets waitlisted. Road trip! Dwight’s inner pyromaniac/terrorist shines through. Jim cross-dresses and gets a severe tongue lashing. We learn that the eyes are the groin of the head.

Episode 406 - Branch Wars

Shocker! Karen’s a regional manager at Dunder-Mifflin’s Utica branch. Yeah, the bloggers have known about that since the Office Convention. I somehow remained blissfully spoiler-free, so I was psyched to see her back...and sassier than ever. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Stanley quits to take a job in Utica for more money and Michael is determined not to let him go without a fight. So he and Dwight take Jim, under false pretences, to Utica for a panty raid. For extra fun, Dwight has prepared some Molotov cocktails and old tire bits for stink bombs. Oh, and they stole some uniforms from the warehouse – and Jim gets Madge’s! Surprisingly, doesn’t fit too poorly. Don’t miss the mustachioed trio in Michael’s PT Cruiser!

Hysterical Oscar talking head:
"Besides having sex with men, I would say the Finer Things Club is the gayest thing about me."
We’re introduced here to the most exclusive organization in Scranton’s D-M branch. Comprised of just Pam, Oscar and Toby, the finer things club meets to discuss books and art and eat fine foods off linen and china…in the break room. Why the hell wouldn’t they meet off campus? The break room? They get a whole assful of Kevin, and Phyllis tries to play a concerto on the microwave during their meeting.

Andy offers a letter of reference from former US Sentaor Rick Santorum to get into the Finer Things Club, but the envelope is filled with three Ulysses S. Grants. They decide to use the cash for hard cover books and to send him a “thank you for your patronage” letter and wait list him – just like when he applied to Cornell. He’s psyched and still determined since it’s the most exclusive club at Dunder-Mifflin ahead of the Party Planning Committee and Scrantonicity II.

Back in Utica, Dwight and Michael infiltrate with ultimate stealth and hijack the industrial copier – down the stairs. Needless to say, they get pinned between the copier and the wall. Michael, on his death bed, begs Jim to host the Dundies after he’s gone. As his life flashed before him, it’s great to see that his priorities are in order!

Karen gives Jim quite the what for in her office. Jim is sufficiently tongue tied and nothing he says is right. It was great to see Karen give him some deserved shit about their relationship. We learn that Karen cried over Jim. I’m sure she dreamed about confronting him and while it probably involved physical pain, I’m sure she was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Michael admits defeat with Stanley and starts writing a help wanted ad:
"WANTED: Middle-aged black man with sass. Big butt. Bigger heart…"
But Stanley realized Michael isn’t going to get him the raise he was hoping for and rescinds his resignation.

Pam needles Jim, but lets him off the hook by admitting him into the Finer Things Club. Too bad he slacks even at that. But he does do a fine Irish brogue.

While the WGA strike is still on, I’ll refrain from adding new links to’s deleted scenes since the writers don’t get compensated for the ads and sponsorships of said video content.

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