Friday, November 9, 2007

Break me off a piece of that apple sauce.

Yeah, I'm a little behind. I'm catching up... Get off my back! All none of you readers. ;)

Dwight gets a Second Life squared and OD’s on happiness. Michael’s spot actually kinda rocked. Crazy-hot Sue Grafton gets Phyllis booted from the mall. Daryl writes some kickass jingles. Pam follows her dream, while Jim reveals just how little ambition he has. And the Nard Dog breaks himself off a piece of that lumber tar.

Episode 405 - Local Ad

Corporate buys ad time in Dunder-Mifflin’s local markets to brand the company. But when Michael sees the shitfest that are the spots, he takes matters into his own ever-capable hands. I mean, the spots show D-M as an alternative to shopping in a big box store. When do customers roam the aisles of the warehouse at their office park?

Anyway, Michael sends the ad hacks packing and convinces – amazingly – David to allow him to take a shot at it, or bring back the agency tools on his dime. Which is great since Michael is creative enough to have imagined a unicorn before ever having heard of one! Jim’s psyched cuz people ask Jim if he sells mufflers…or muffins…or mittens, so a commercial can only help with that. Michael sends Phyllis to snag Sue Grafton to do a celebrity appearance (Creed calls her crazy hot), but she returns raccoon-eyed and empty-handed after getting escorted from the book store. Her whimper at failing to get Sue was almost as good as Dwight’s wailing.

Daryl, Andy, Creed, Kevin and Kelly throw together some fine jingles for the spots. But alas, Michael gets exasperated. He wanted a rap, but instead got a perfectly-suited track for a paper company spot. Daryl’s obviously an idiot! How great was it seeing them all harmonize?

After learning of Dwight’s fore into Second Life and even Second Second Life, Jim follows him into the virtual world and we meet a new character – Philly Jim. It’s Jim, but with ambition and hobbies. Pam goads him into seeing more of Philly Jim, but he declines. Does Jim finally realize he needs to grow up? Didn’t he say in season 1 that he couldn’t do this for his life? Better get on that sportswriter track if that what you want to do, Halpert. While Pam is doing graphic animation, Jim’s getting a ride home from Meredith.

Andy, aka Nard Dog, confides in Dwight that he hasn’t gotten to first base yet with Angela. Perhaps there’s hope for Dwangela yet. Sadly, though, she hates to be titillated. Andy confides to Dwight that he’s necking – literally – with Angela. It sounds way more perverted than it is, I’m sure. Ha. But then Andy lets him in on her little sweet nothings of “Oh D,” and all is right with the world for Dwight. Oh D, indeed.

The whole crew was so genuinely happy watching Michael’s spot at Poor Richard’s. Michael was redeemed – if only to his branch. You have to wonder if the guys in corporate really didn’t like the spot or just couldn’t bring themselves to give Michael the props that deserved. (Though it certainly wasn’t ready-for-air as is…let’s be real.)

Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast.

Fave deleted scene? #2 where Michael makes fun of Jim's expressions. You know they riffed that one off the cuff. Oh...oh (D) and this one, where Jim role plays with Michael. Brilliant. As good (or better?) than some of the show content.

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