Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOST 6x10: I got yer Package right here!

Jin throws a Jacob-style rave in Room 23. Widmore’s plays tough guy to UnLocke…behind a sonic death fence. Zoe keeps talking and I keep wishing she wouldn’t. Keamy ties Jin to a chair with duct tape and kindness. Sun knocks herself out and wakes up with an English deficiency. At least we don’t have to hear her ask “Have you seen my husband?” over and over again. Does anyone know what time V is on, by the way?

Lost 6x10: The Package

It would have been nearly impossible for the writers and producers to follow Ab Aeterno with as satisfying an episode, but with more and more answers being given to us now, I enjoyed The Package. Some interesting merging of the two timelines is happening now…perhaps setting up the full merge down the road.

So what did you think? Your comment below is all I can ask of you.

2007, On the island

The UnLocke flock is being watched with night-vision, as he confides in Jin that he needs all the names on the cave wall to leave the island together. Sayid tells UnLocke that he doesn’t feel anything – anger, happiness, pain. UnLocke says that will help him get through what’s coming. Jin tells Sawyer that he’s leaving to find Sun, when he and the entire flock are shot with tranq darts by Team Widmore.

On the beach, Ilana tells Ben that they’re waiting until Richard returns and that Hurley will find him and bring him back. Sun retreats to her tomato plants back from season one. Jack follows her and tells her about Jacob’s lighthouse, but Sun doesn’t want to hear about purpose or destiny.

UnLocke surprises Sun as she’s digging up her tomato plants and he tells her that Jin is with his people and can take her to him. He asks for her hand to take her there and says that he would never make her do anything against her will. (Free will vs. fate, and just as Jacob tried to convince Hurley to come to the island, by making him believe it was free will.

Question: Was this so he could undo the touch that Jacob gave Sun at her wedding?

Jin runs, and UnLocke chases after her, when she runs into a tree with her head. Ben finds her unconscious in the jungle and she’s only speaking Korean.

Back UnLocke’s camp, he wakes Sayid and finds out that they were attacked and that Jin was taken.

Jin wakes up in my favorite spot on Lost, Room 23. He flips the switch, and gets the Carl/God Loves You As He Loved Jacob party started. Freaked out from its trippiness, he flips off the switch, and finds Zoe in the room. He tries to leave, and she tasers him. She pulls out a map of electromagnetic pockets on the island and starts to ask him about it because his signature was on the map.

Question: Was this one of Jin’s maps from the 1970s when he was surveying the island sector by sector looking for the Losties? And if so, how did Zoe get it? Could she be related to another scientist we know - Radzinsky? Both scientists…both wear thick-rimmed glasses…both super annoying.

UnLocke tells Sayid to grab his Speedo and prep for a swim. Clousseau asks if she was on the list, but UnLocke assures her that she will be on the plane with him when they leave the island. She asks if Kate was on the cave wall, and he says “not anymore”, though he does need her to help get the 3 others onto the plane. “But once she does, whatever happens…happens.”

Seeing Sayid and UnLocke prepping, Sawyer chides UnLocke, asking why he can’t just float over the water, but he says it doesn’t work like that, and he’s going to get Jin back.

Jack is examining Sun, who can only speak Korean following her injury. Jack says that it could be aphasia, a disorder that affects the language center of the brain, but it’s usually temporary.

Did UnLocke touch Sun when she was knocked out, somehow causing this aphasia? Or is it something more serious? (Keep reading for the mirror theory).

Richard and Hurley return to the beach camp and tell them to pack to leave.

On Hydra Island, UnLocke is walking along the beach, with the pylons lined up along the shore. Widmore walks out of the jungle and, from the other side of the sonic fence. Asking if Widmore knows who he is, he replies that what he knows is a combination of “myths, ghost stories and jungle noises in the night.” UnLocke says he wants Jin back, but Widmore plays dumb, so UnLocke uses Widmore’s conversation with Locke about a war coming to the island against him and declares war. At least we now can say that Widmore is on Team Jacob. (Or maybe this has been clear all along to everyone except me…)

Richard says that they need to get to Hydra Island to use the plane to get off the island. Sun fully understands English, and says - in Korean - there’s no way that she’s leaving Jin there.

Annoyed that Zoe took Jin captive, she said it’s his fault since he put a geophysicist in charge. Widmore says “what’s done is done” and tells her to take “the package” from the sub to the infirmary. Widmore hands Jin a digital camera with pictures of Ji Yeon. He looks through the pics and chokes back the tears. Widmore tries to relate to Jin, saying that they both have daughters.

Question: Did it appear that there was someone Photoshopped out of each of the images? (Thanks, Phil, for noticing this.)

Widmore tells Jin that it’s time for him to see “the package” and orders Zoe to get it from the sub.

Offering Jack a notepad to write in English, Sun is able to communicate with him. He pulls a single tomato out of his bag and says that it was “one stubborn tomato”, and that “no one told it it was supposed to die.”

Question: Is this a reference to Sun's tenacity in the face of adversity on the island?

She tells Jack that UnLocke visited her, but she trusts Jack. He promises to find Jin with her and get them both away from the island. Then he reaches out his hand to her.

Question: Has Jack already taken Jacob’s place? The close-up on his hand led me to believe there was more than a “shake on it” implied here – that we’re supposed to make a connection between him and Jacob.

Sawyer says that Kate “looks like [her] brain took a little stroll.” UnLocke arrives back at the camp, and says he wants to know what Widmore has on the sub behind the locked door.

Just off from the dock, Sayid emerges Rambo-style and he swims to the dock. Zoe and the kid from Kate & Ally pull “the package” out of the sub, and Sayid is at the dock when they pull out (no surprise) Desmond.

Nerd alert: Nice use of “the package” in the episode. Desmond was “the package”, Jin was bringing Keamy a package and he himself was “the package” in the flash sideways.

2004, Flash sideways, Los Angeles

Jin is released from customs at LAX and the money he was given by Mr. Paik was confiscated. They check into the hotel and Jin clarifies that there are two rooms because they aren’t married.

Jin knocks on Sun’s door and she tells him to come in, even though he wants to deliver the watch to Paik’s associate at the restaurant. Despite not being married, they’ve been knocking boots, and they proceed to do so again. Afterwards, Sun tries to convince Jin that they should run away together, and she tells him that she has a bank account that she’s kept hidden from her father. There’s a knock at the door. Jin hides in the bathroom and Sun goes to the door. As she does, she pauses to look in the mirror and has some sort of recognition of something different.

Nerd alert: Mirrors – My brother’s fostering this one like some abandoned baby animal on the side of the road he’s trying to nurture back to life, but in each of the flashes sideways, we’ve seen the characters, well, at least all the candidates, have a momentary pause when looking at a reflection: Sun in the hotel room; Kate in the auto repair shop when looking through Claire’s bag; Jack in the mirror in the plane when his neck was cut; Sayid in the glass in the door to his brother’s house; Sawyer in the locker room punching the mirror. So is it merely recognition of something off in the mirror, or are we seeing the two timelines begin to merge. Sun hits her head on the island, looks in the mirror with a glimpse of something, and then wakes up on the island speaking only Korean, as she did in the sideways flash. Are the realities merging? Is the merging of the realities now going to drive the rest of the series?

It’s Keamy at the door. She gives him the watch, but then asks for the other package with the $25K. Omar comes in, and they realize that Jin is in the room. They get him out and Jin and Sun are debating what to do in Korean. Keamy, who up until now has almost been a little charming, says “Stop it, I feel like I’m in a damn Godzilla movie.” He sends his friend for Mikhail – Patchy! – who in this reality is blessed with both eyes. Keamy tells Mikhail to take Sun to the bank to get the money out of her account. They ask for him to keep their relationship safe with Paik.

The bank account was closed and the money transferred out to one of his accounts – by her father. (Foiled again!)

Keamy’s man is putting Jin into the refrigerator at his restaurant, and Keamy is taking care of Jin, while simultaneously tying him up. He tells Jin that he was supposed to kill Jin for sleeping with Paik’s daughter. Jin, not understanding the conversation about him being in very serious danger, thanks Keamy.

Question: Why was Keamy so nice to someone he was just going to kill? What were his motives and did he somehow know there was something special about the situation. Not only did Sun look at herself oddly in the mirror, but when she opened the door, he looked oddly at her, like he might have recognized her.

Nerd alert: Did Keamy say “in case you’re about to figure out what about to happen to the island” to Jin?!? Check out this clip at about :30 seconds. Further evidence that these timelines are melding?

Hearing the hubbub outside, Jin bangs on the door, and Sayid opens the door. Realizing Jin was similarly brought there against his will, he hands him a knife to cut his way out of the binds. Mikhail sees Keamy and the others on the floor of the kitchen. And somehow Keamy was alive. There’s a standoff between him and Mkihail, Keamy is killed, as is Mikhail. (Shot to the eye!)

In the crossfire was Sun, who tells Kin that she’s pregnant, as her hands are covered in blood.

So, did The Package deliver, or would you rather return to sender?

-Sean Salo


Phil said...

I totally think the timelines are merging. Every time one of the candidates commits to a side the timelines merge more.(My buddy rich fleshed this idea out more)Makes sense though, because as soon as sun ran from flocke(smocke to me)she had her mirror moment. Is this all a product of jack(the new jacob in my mind) smashing the lighthouse mirror?

Sean said...

A product of the mirror smash? Dunno - seems Jacob orchestrated the mirror smash, but also didn't fight being stabbed by Ben. Unless this is the only way to get humanity to prove his point to MIB.