Thursday, May 7, 2009

I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble

Chang takes Twitchy’s advice. Kate carries a third wheel onto the sub. Sawyer, Juliet and Kate take submarine ride at Disneyland. Ellie, Jack, Sayid and Richard try out for the Island’s Olympic swim team. Locke sends Richard to see Locke. John gives the extras something to do. Oh…and he sets off to kill Jacob. All in a day’s work.

Lost 5x15: Follow the Leader

The last episode before the 2-hour finale was another great one. Locke comes into his own as leader and makes some unusual leadership choices. And Jack feels he's finally fulfilling his destiny. What did you think? Comment below with your thoughts.

Island, 1977:
Faraday dies and Jack gets introduced to the end of Widmore’s rifle. Jack and Kate, get captured Ellie has them sent to her tent, bloodied and bruised. Jack tells Kate that they can fix things if they follow what Daniel said and make it so that Flight 815 never crashed and all those who died will not have died. Kate says that it wasn’t all misery as she thinks of Aaron.

Ellie asks what Faraday needed the bomb for and Jack says that she wouldn’t believe him if he answered. She tells them that she met Faraday when she was 17 at the Jughead site she will believe him. Jack tells her that she can erase what she did if they follow the journal.

She agrees, but explains that Dharma has built a village over the spot, but assumes they can re-infiltrate Dharma.

Radzinsky is smacking around LaFlawyer to try to get information on where Kate and the Hostiles are. Horace tries to get them to stop, but Radzinsky – Stuart – says he needs to use his methods. Phil of the Eyebrows pulls a bitch move and punches Juliet to get him to talk. All he really had to do was have her stare at his eyebrows for a few minutes and she'd have caved.

A Dharma flunkie walks in and says that Kate, Jack and Hugo were last minute additions to the list and they realize that Hurley is a part of it. Hurley is packing up some food and meets Miles and Jin in the jungle.

Question: Hurley was carrying the guitar case again. What’s inside the case that was so important that Hurley needed it?

Dr. Chang follows him there and asks if they are indeed from the future. Hurley says no, and Hurley says he was born in 1931. Chang asks if he fought in the Korean War, and Hurley says there’s no such thing. (Camera pans to Jin, who gives Miles a WTF look.) The jig is up and Hurley admits it. Chang gets Miles to admit he’s his son, and then he tells Chang that if Faraday said to evacuate the island, they should.

Ellie has Jack and Katie untied and says she’s taking them to the bomb. Richard tells Jack that the man is Widmore. Widmore tries to convince Ellie not to go. He can be heard talking about "her condition" and he even puts his hand on her abdomen. Was she pregnant with Faraday in 1977?

Chang goes to the security office and says they need to evacuate. Chang tells Radzinsky that they can’t drill, but Radzinsky says they’re drilling on schedule. LaFlawyer chimes in that he’s right and agrees to help them if they put him and Juliet on the sub with all the Dharma women and children.

Ellie and crew arrive at a stream and she says they need to swim underneath to make it to “The Tunnels”. Kate tells Jack she’s not going any further and tries to leave, but one of the Hostile’s points a gun at Kate. He’s then taken out by Sayid.

Sayid says that they don’t need to erase the last three years because he killed Little Ben. Kate says that they saved him and Sayid asks why, but Kate says that killing kids and blowing up H-bombs isn’t ok. Jack says that what they’re doing is their destiny. Kate says he sounds crazy and like Locke, but Jack says that maybe Locke was right. Kate leaves anyway.

The evacuation of Dharma continues. Chang is getting his wife and baby Miles to leave, but Miles, Hurley and Jin are confused why Sawyer and Juliet are getting on the sub.

Sawyer says to Juliet that they’ll buy Microsoft, or bet on the Cowboys in the 1978 Super Bowl and be rich. As they get into the sub, LaFlawyer says “good riddance” to the island.

Jack follows Richard into the stream and to “The Tunnels”. Jack asks if they’re going to take the bomb out through the pool, and Richard says, “it’s a 12 foot long 40,000 lb. Hydrogen Bomb, no – not through the pool.” Sayid and Ellie make it into “The Tunnels” and they all set out to find Jughead.

LaFlawyer tells Juliet that they aren’t going to Ann Arbor and that once they dock, they’ll be free in the real world where Dharma has no influence. They declare their love for each other and Kate enters the sub with a third wheel tucked under her arm (
AWK-ward) and is like, “Hey guys, is this seat taken? Don’tcha just love cruises? The buffets rock!” The sub starts its voyage and the worst CG in the history of LOST is on display as it submerges. Seriously.

They make it to the bomb and Ellie asks, “Well, now what?”

Island, 2007:
Richard is building a ship in a bottle. Locke shows up with a boar and a mission. Ben and Sun follow. Richard is more than a little surprised to see Ben. Ben explains to Sun that Richard is “a kind of advisor – and he has had that job for a very, very long time.” Sun questions Richard about whether he was there in 1977 and remembers any of them, and he says he was and he remembers watching them all die.

Question: What kind of advisor is Alpert? Like a resident advisor who helps freshman when they move into the island? What does this mean? Or is it because he has been on the island for so long - hundreds or even thousands of years - perhaps, that he has unique insight into the island and how to tap into it...which would explain where he gets the patience for building a ship in a bottle. (EDIT: Thanks Phil) Or, is this another nod to Thoth, (as pointed out in the Some Like It Hoth episode recap) Egyptian advisor to the gods, and another clue that Richard has been there since ancient Egyptian times?

Geek alert: The ship in bottle looks identical to The Black Rock, seen in the painting at the auction Charles Widmore attended.

Sun is comforted by John who says he’ll find Jin if there is any way. Locke tells Ben to come along on this trip and that he’s not afraid of anything he can do to him any more.

Locke, Richard and Ben are in the jungle and Richard asks John where he’s been the last three years. John’s amazed that he doesn’t know, but Alpert says that he just disappeared on the day Ben turned the wheel. John says that when they’re finished he wants to be taken to see Jacob. Ben and Richard say that he shouldn’t rush it, but Locke insists. But first they have to visit Yemi’s plane.

Locke tells Richard to go see a man who walks out of the jungle and tell him he has to bring everyone back and that he has to die. The man – John Locke.

Richard goes to the other Locke and helps him remove the bullet from his leg - the bullet Ethan shot into his leg in the first episode of season 5 when Locke was flashing through time. Ben asks Locke how he knew this was the exact moment to be here, and John said the island told him. Ben tried to refute him and says that he doesn’t know how to find Jacob, but Locke counters that he’s never actually seen Jacob. Other John disappears and Richard walks back. He says he’s glad John didn’t actually have to die, but Locke says he did.

Locke arrives back at the beach and makes a speech to the Others. He tells them that rather than just accepting orders from a mysterious Jacob and that they should all go to see him together. Richard says to Ben, “I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.” Ben answers, “Why do you think I tried to kill him?”

Ben tells Locke that Richard is concerned. Locke isn’t buying into Ben’s manipulation any more. He has a purpose. He tells Ben that he’s not interested in being reunited with the Oceanic people, he wants to go to Jacob so he can kill him.

Geek alert: There’s been speculation that Jacob’s “help me” to John was his way of asking to be unlocked in time and to finally die. Seems that is at least John’s interpretation now.

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-Sean Salo


Joe B said...

This whole time travel thing is getting very confusing. Since Richard was at all the different times traveled to - - he's seen all of them before. So once they crashed on the island (and if he were Ben's "advisor")wouldn't he have said something earlier on.

Kate doesn't like the idea of Flt. 815 landing in LA, because she was in handcuffs.

And yes, awful sub animation.

Sean said...

@JoeB - I think he's always had an adversarial relationship with Ben. But he also seems not to be someone who rocks the boat. Could be because he remembered Locke and crew that he knew there was something "special" about them, too, and didn't want to tip his had to Ben.

I think Ben calling him the island's advisor has meaning that I hope we'll get, though I'm guessing we'll have to wait until next season to find out, if at all.