Friday, April 3, 2009

Back to the Future, man.

Little Ben gets a makeover at the Richard Alpert School of Everlasting Beauty. Kate gets chummy with Roger Linus. Aaron gets lost, but a Claire-alike takes care of him. Saywer’s big helicopter secret is revealed – “take care of my daughter.” Jack gets all Lockey. Locke practices his bedside manner. And Hurley plays the part of the audience and gets the time travel situation explained…in pretty good detail.

Lost 5x11: Whatever Happened, Happened

What a great episode of LOST last night. Not a big surprise, since this one was written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. We didn’t move any of the mysterious mythological questions forward, but we did get a killer plot-driven episode. Not a whole lot of geek alerts here. But perhaps some questions worth discussing.

Jin wakes up to a call on the radio and he says that the hostile has attacked him. Little Ben says “Help, please help”, sounding vaguely reminiscient of Jacob asking John Locke to “Help me”. Jin drives off.

Geek alert: Last week, the wound was on Little Ben’s left. This week, his right. Huh? Continuity error or is there something we don’t know yet about this?
He’s Our You:

Whatever Happened, Happned:

Los Angeles, 2007:
Patsy Cline’s “I’ve Got Your Picture” is on the car radio. Kate is driving with Infant Aaron in the car. She sings “Catch a Falling Star” to Aaron as they walk up to the door of Cassidy’s house. Cassidy, Saywer’s ex/scam victim and Kate’s accomplice in an earlier scam, as well, is home and Kate spills the beans on the truth about what happened on the island and with the rescue after giving her some cash for Clementine.

Geek alert: Patsy Cline is a common artist played in the background of Kate scenes. Patsy died at 30 in a plane crash.

Geek alert 2: The song Kate was singing to Aaron is the song that Claire used to sing to him and she said her mother sung to her as a baby. Did she ever tell Kate this? I don’t think so.

After leaving the dock in Long Beach where Ben confronted them all, Aaron asks for milk. Kate’s walking in a supermarket with Aaron looking for milk. He somehow gets separated from her and Kate is frantic until she sees him walking holding a woman’s hand. The woman is Claire! No, wait, it’s a Claire-alike…about 20 years later. She was walking him to the front to make an announcement.

Question: Was it just me, or did it look like she was walking Aaron to the exit? And we were clearly meant to think it was Claire. How did Aaron go missing in the first place?

They arrive at Cassidy’s house. Clementine greets them at the door. Cassidy comforts Kate who’s still upset about losting Aaron in the store. She tells Kate that she needed Aaron because “Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?”

Questions: Wasn’t she supposed to live in Albuquerque? If so, that’s a big trip from LA. And what was up with the big “No Soliciting” sign next to Cassidy’s doorbell?

Kate visits Claire’s mother, Mrs. Littleton. She fesses up about Aaron and Claire being alive on the island. Kate tells her that she didn’t come to her first because she needed him. Kate tells her she wants to leave Aaron with her to go back to the island and find Claire. And then in a teary goodbye, she leaves him.

Island, 1977:
Kate tries to get Saywer to help with Ben. Horace comes to check out the cell, they see Roger’s keys and Sayer goes to question Jack. Saywer stops first at the infirmary and confirms it was Roger’s keys. Little Ben’s injuries are too severe and Sawyer goes to Jack to see if he’ll help.

Miles and Hurley are talking about time travel and it’s the conversation that every casual and hardcore fan have had. Rather than paraphrase it, here it is:

Though Miles wasn’t able to answer why Ben didn’t recognize Sayid in the future, this was explained later.

Saywer begs Jack to help, but he refuses. He says that he already helped save Ben once – for Kate – and if he dies, he dies. Kate tries to convince him to change his mind. But Jack gets all Lockey and says that he’s been trying to fix things all this time, but maybe the island wants to fix things for itself and he’s been getting in the way. Kate says that she doesn’t like the new Jack, but he quips back, “you didn’t like the old me, Kate.”

Kate goes to the infirmary to donate blood. She tells Juliet they were engaged off-island, but then Roger bursts in. He and Kate get cozy as she tries to calm Roger down. Juliet sends him to get medical supplies and she tells Kate that the Others might be able to help him.

She and Kate put injured Little Ben in a Dharma van and Kate takes him into the jungle.

Kate arrives at the sonic fence, and Little Ben tells Kate to apologize to Roger for stealing his keys. Sawyer shows up and helps her take Ben across.

Kate’s helping with Little Ben’s broken heart. She and Sawyer carry him into the jungle.

Juliet confronts Jack as he gets out of the shower. She says she needed Jack, and he says he wasn’t going to save Ben, but he came back to save them. “We didn’t need saving”, she says. Jack says he came back because he was supposed to, but he’s not sure why yet.

Sawyer tells Kate that the two of them wouldn’t have worked out. But she says he was doing well with Juliet and he replies that he’s grown up in the past 3 years.

The hostiles surround them and Sawyer demands to see Richard to save Little Ben.

They come upon Richard in the jungle. They tell him that he’s been shot and want Richard to help Little Ben. He says that if they take him, “He won’t ever be the same again…He’ll forget that this ever happened and his innocence will be gone. He will always be one of us.” Beardie Other says that he shouldn’t do this without asking Ellie, and if Charles finds out… He says he doesn’t answer to either of them. He and Ben enter the Temple.

Question: So what is the process he’ll be going through? Why would he forget what happened to him? And why didn’t he forget his father if he would forget Sayid. And is this why Ben has said he was born on the island, when we know he was born in Portland? Is he re-born in the Temple?

Island 2007:
Ben wakes up in the Ajira 316 infirmary and Locke is sitting at his bedside. Ben looks at Locke a little incredulously and Locke says, “Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey.” “Hello Ben, welcome back to the land of the living.”

The juxtaposition of this scene with the one of Ben being carried off by Richard was great. A lot of speculation exists on whether Ben’s tumor could have been related to where he was shot.

So what did you think? Comment below with your thoughts.


Joe B said...

I laughed out loud during the Hurley/Miles time travel discussion, and thought - finally, someone on the show is asking the questions I would have been if I were there.

The temple Alpert takes Ben must make him imortal - - and I'm guessing that's what happened to Alpert too.

I'm also thinking Ben must end up being a kind of "secret double agent" as he was an adult when he gassed all the Daharma people. So he must have become an "Hostile" living in Dharma land.

One think I never got (perhaps until now) is why did Ben allowed himself to be captured and tourtured by Sayid and crew in an earlier season. I wondered why the leader of the "Others" would do that, and not send someone else. Maybe now, it's because Ben knew they would be coming to the island. When Hurley asked, why doesn't Ben remember being shot by Sayid as a kid - - perhaps the answer is that he does.

Kelly said...

I loved the Hurley/Miles discussion even though it still left you with questions!

Where the hell is Faraday?

Katie said...

Hurley is the number one reason to watch the show. The discussion with Miles was terrific. I also noticed how uninterested Jack was in the whole time travel discussion. Like it didn't even matter. They I started wondering maybe Jack doesn't need to listen because he knows. Maybe he someone how got into a situation like John Locke where he is traveling back and forth in time and is trying to find his way back somewhere. He doesn't know why he's there because his mind is melting a bit like Faraday's. And Kelly I agree where is he. My bet is that he is completely insane or in some sort of coma-state. But even more than where is Faraday - where is Claire. I just hope she is still getting paid by the show. I hope they don't let me dwindle away. My other thought on Claire is that her mother will have to fly iwth Aaron back to Australia along that same route. Since they all need to come back does that mean that we;ll see Aaron back on the island? ? ?

Phil said...

Could the gunshot on other side reference back to the mirror image theories. Could the others have accepted ben because it was the dark image of ben?

PAG said...

A kid recklessly sending a burning van through the Dharma compound doesn't sound too innocent to me. Young Ben was heading down a dark path even before Sayid shot him.

robowojo said...

I just caught up with the last 3 weeks..

So is the "Ellie" that Beardie Other mentions actually Eloise Hawkins, meaning Faraday's mom was an Other??