Thursday, March 5, 2009

That 70s Show: Lost Island Edition (with hints of Egypt)

The record stops skipping. Sawyer gets his groovy on. Horace pulls a Butthead (“Fire…Fire!”). Juliet went to Apex Tech to learn a new trade. Jin finished his Hooked on Phonics course. Sawyer blows Alpert’s mind…like totally. And Jin picks up some hippie hitchhikers. Oh yeah, we see a wicked old statue and we’re like, “FOUR-TOED STATUE!”

Lost 5x08: LaFleur

After two weeks of feeling a little underwhelmed, I was energized and psyched after last night’s premiere of “LaFleur.” Finally some things we weren’t spoon-fed. Super geek alerts below, so make sure to read through!

We open with Sawyer holding the rope at what used to be (or one day will be) the well, and Juliet says it was before the well was built. They look up and they see a massive stone statue from behind.

Geek alert: This is the full four-toes statue, we can assume. And it appears to be old. In the right hand, the statue is holding something. Take a look at this picture and see if you think it could be a match.

The name of this Egyptian god? Horus. (Horace? Horus!)

More on this one below.

Locke fixes the broken donkey wheel and Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin do the final jump. They lose their headaches and realize they are done with skipping; that John was successful and fixed the island and time.

Jerry, a security guard with kickass pork chop sideburns, had a girl named Rosie in the security station and Phil is giving him crap about it. Then they see Horace Goodspeed (the guy Locke saw in the jungle with the nosebleed chopping wood last season) on their security monitors blowing up trees. I’m guessing he was using the explosives from the Black Rock. They debated whether to alert LaFleur, but then realize they have to. They knock on his door and LaFleur is … Sawyer!

Geek alert: Rosie was wearing a Geronimo Jackson jersey.

Sawyer and Miles drive out to get Goodspeed, who’s passed out at this point, and they bring him back to his house. The woman in the house, Amy, is pregnant and goes into labor.

Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin are walking through the jungle and find Daniel. He’s in mourning over Charlotte. Sawyer takes over, declares they’re going to the beach, and Miles asks, “Who put him in charge?” This is a great callback to season one when Saywer asks that about Jack.

They hear gunfire and Sawyer and Juliet kill two men who were tying up a woman. The woman Amy, whose husband Paul was killed by the gunmen, says they have to bury the two and that they have to bring Paul’s body back. They agree to help and as she’s leading them back, they come upon the sonic fence. Juliet tells her to turn it off, but Amy dupes them and walks thru with earplugs in. The rest are immobilized by the fence.

Amy’s in the infirmary and her baby is presenting breech. Sawyer gets Juliet, who’s working on a Dharma van, to help. She reluctantly agrees.

Sawyer talks to Jin who’s mastery of the English language is now better. Juliet manages to deliver the baby safely. It’s a boy.

Question: Who is the baby? Odds are on Ethan Rom.

Sawyer wakes up in the camp. It’s Othersville when it was still Dharmaville. Horace is questioning him and Sawyer (Jim LaFleur) says they were on a salvage vessel looking for the Black Rock. Horace tells them they need to leave on the sub the next day and that he can’t stay to look for the rest of the crew because he’s not Dharma material.

Miles, Faraday and Juliet are talking. Daniel confirms that the island is done skipping. James says that LaFleur is a creole name. (Why he couldn’t just use Sawyer is unclear.) A siren goes off and they’re ushered into a house. The hostiles have breached the camp. It’s Richard Alpert looking guylinered and young as always.

Potential Geek Alert: Alpert breached the camp. The baby was breech. Different spellings, ut it’s interesting. So if the baby was Ethan, who later works for The Others/hostiles, that means the breech baby was on the other side in the Dharma/hostiles war.

Horace goes out to greet Alpert and he apologizes for not having turned off the fence. Alpert laughs it off and says it doesn’t bother them, that the only thing keeping them out is the truce that has now been broken by the men having been killed. Sawyer goes out to discuss this with Alpert and he proves he knows Richard from 1954 and the meeting with John Locke.

Alpert agrees to maintain the truce if they get justice by taking Paul’s body back. Amy very reluctantly agrees, after taking Paul’s necklace.

Geek alert: The necklace is an ankh, the Eyptian symbol for eternal life. The image of Horus, and the statue of Horus (if in fact it is Horus), also appears to be holding an ankh.

More on this below.

Horace agrees to let them stay for two more weeks and look for the rest of the crew. Juliet says she wants to go the next day, but Sawyer convinces her to stay. And the first spark of romance - or at least lust – is there.

Sawyer goes home to a romantic dinner with Juliet. They are living together after three years together on the island.

Sawyer goes to Horace’s cabin and tells him that he’s a daddy. He says he was initially set off that he found Paul’s ankh necklace in Amy’s drawer. He wasn’t sure if Amy was really over Paul. Sawyer says it is. That he doesn’t even remember what Kate looks like.

Sawyer wakes up in bed with Juliet and he goes to meet Jin in the North Valley. Jack, Hurley and Kate emerge from the Dharma van and… nothing except a look.

Millions of Skaters hearts broke at the idea of having to wait at least two weeks (Lost is off next week) to find out what happened.

Super Geek Alerts! Super Geek Alerts! (Thanks to my brother Phil for helping me with a bunch of this.)

Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris and had a man’s body and a falcon’s head. There was certainly a bird, perhaps a falcon, in the hieroglyphs on the countdown clock in the Swan station.

The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of power, because Horus was injured in battle and the eye was healed by Hathor – healing the eye was a symbol of renewal. (Later, the name became Hor.)

The image could be said to look not unlike John Locke’s injured eye from the initial crash, no?

Horus was said to rule Lower Egypt and to have battled Set for conftol of Upper Egypt. Horus was deemed the winner by the gods, though Set was given rule over the desert, which was infertile. But the war continued, and after 80 years of fighting, the gods grew tired. They were challenged to a boat race, where they were to race in boats made of stone. But Horus’ boat was actually made of wood, and he won. Set stepped down and won the throne of Egypt except for the desert.
Hor, as Horace was later known, and Set together are an anagram for Others.

Also, there are some very interesting parallels, archetypes, in the full mythology of Horus and that of Jesus Christ.

  • Both births were attended by wise men or angels
  • Their births were signaled by a star
  • Born of virgins
  • Born on Dec. 25th and under poor conditions
  • Were of royal decent
  • Both aught in temples at 12
  • Both had 12 deciples
  • Were baptized with water
  • Disappeared at young ages and returned, preaching, in their early 30s
  • Performed miracles
  • Walked on water
  • Gave a sermon on the Mount
  • Transfigured on the Mount
  • Died on a cross
  • Died on a cross between two thieves
  • Buried for three days
  • Resurrected from the dead

Some other cool potential parallels to the Egyptian thing now that the door has been opened (thanks again Phil):

Hawking - Hawk King
Faraday - Pharoah Day

So what did you think? Hit me up with your thoughts below with a comment.


Katie said...

I thought the episode was pretty straight forward until I read the blog. So much information and really a new twist on how they are delivering the juicy tidbits.

I was really amazed to see how happy Sawyer was. It was like he was in his safe place, he was a leader and fit in. He found a great life with Juliet. He was kind and caring, which was such a transformation for him. Now with Jack, kate and Hurley back this will all change. His life is basically ruined. Can't wait to see where the sparks fly between Kate/Sawyer/Juliet/Jack.

Sean said...

It's a love quadrangle now between Sawyer, Kate, Jack, and Juliet.

jenn11 said...

Last night's episode was great, even though I didn't like that Sawyer and Juliet hooked up. The episode answered a lot of questions from Season 1. Is Richard Alpert's group "The Others?" Why are they hostile towards the Dharma Initiative and why are they on the island in the first place? Maybe I missed all of that. I wonder where Ben fits into the picture. I hate that we have to wait 2 weeks!

Kate30 said...

How is it possible for Sawyer et al to be living on the island in 1977 and also presumably living their everyday lives as kids with their parents out in the regular world as well? Don't they have to be in one place or the other or can they be in both, and different ages in both, at the same time?

Sean said...

@ Jenn11 - Alpert's group are the "hostiles/The Others" or the original island least we know they've been there since before the Dharma folks and before the US Army in 1954, anyway. Seems that the Egyptians might have taken a wrong turn and wound up there... They're hostile toward Dharma because they don't want anyone else on the island. And I think we'll find that Dharma wasn't all peace, love and namaste...

@Kate30 - that is a potential paradox. In theory, when Sawyer saw Claire giving birth in one of the flashes, in THAT TIME, he could have run into himself.

Joe B said...

I loved that Sawyer called Alpert the guy with too much eyeliner.

Joe B said...

Wow Sean - - how you got all that from this episode is amazing. I think it's cool that Sawyer, Juliette, Jin and Miles managed slide into Dharma life. But it makes me wonder about the future. Do we know what year Ben arrived (as a kid) in Dharma-land? Will the Sawyer group still be there when he does, and how will they react. Remember, Ben ends up killing all the Dharma-folks.

And some other random questions; where are all the other 815 survivors, like Bernard and his wife (I can't remember her name), and all the unnamed background crash survivors who we never knew, but were there? Were they all killed in the flaming arrow attack?
Also, how did the Others (Hostiles) ever let the Dharma folks build all the houses, and stations, etc. if they didn't want them their on the island in the first place? That stuff didn't just get built overnight, and we saw how they quickly reacted the second flight 815 crashed. So it doesn't make sense to me that Dharma could take over the island and build all they built.

Sean said...

@ JoeB - and who was known for wearing eyeliner? Egyptians. Just sayin'.

Ack said...

The thing about Horus and Locke's eye has me pretty freaked out. I haven't heard that one before!!

Sean said...

@ Ack - From someone who lives and breathes Lost as you do, you flatter me.

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