Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jin Returns!

The island time jumpers join the Lost varsity crew team. The French I took in high school wasn’t needed to figure out who the new/old castaways were. The dad from My So-Called Life is the busiest (or only?) lawyer in LA. Sayid and Ben become BFFs again. Sun might just be the worst babysitter in the world. And Jin auditions as a “before” model for a lip balm commercial. Wait…uh…JIN!?!

Meet me at Slip 23 in Long Beach, it’s another episode of LOST. “Thank the Lord!”

Lost 5x04: The Little Prince

“The Little Prince” provided a couple of “oh crap!” moments, but wasn’t the crazy, answer-filled episode we’ve seen the last couple of weeks. Still, we got one of the happiest – but also most anticipated – answers of the series so far.

On Penny’s boat:
We open the episode with Jack and Kate on the deck of Penny’s ship before the Oceanic Six are rescued. Kate says to Jack, “I have always been with you.” I guess the monkey love scene in the cage with Sawyer, among others, doesn’t count?

On the island:
Charlotte wakes up and has no recollection of Daniel, but soon comes around. (Where in time was Charlotte when she was out?) Miles cracks, “Hooray, everything’s back to normal.” The time skippers head for the Orchid Station and en route, they skip through time. It’s night and they hopped back to the moment post-crash where Locke knocked on the hatch and the beam of light shot up. (Either that or they are able to see that beam of light from the top of the Luxor in Las Vegas.) It’s also the night Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron. Sawyer sees them in the jungle and freezes up. (Chicken!) Though if he had spoken to her, he might have changed time, so it’s best he didn’t.

Miles’ nose starts to bleed and Daniel explains that it’s related to duration of exposure. I think there’s no question any longer that Miles was born on the island and is Dr. Marvin Candle’s son. They make it back to the beach and the camp’s empty and all the supplies are gone. There’s a canoe on the beach, but the Zodiac is gone. They start to paddle around the horn of the island and the paddlers of a mysterious canoe in pursuit start shooting at the canoe.

Geek alert: There was an Ajira Airways water bottle in the boat. Who took an Ajira flight there? Juliet’s “They fly everywhere” line is not a throwaway. Was it the Oceanic Six? And was the O6 shooting at Locke and crew on the canoe? If so, why? To stop them from making it to the Orchid station?

Geek alert/Question: Why didn’t the canoe disappear in the flash? Were the canoes on the island prior to Rousseau’s crew getting shipwrecked? And if so, whose were they?, where have they been?, and why were they on the beach in the future?

The shooting continues but just as all seems lost, time skips. Sawyer says, “Thank you lord!” as the sky lights up, but they wind up in a monsoon at night. “I take that back!” They make it to the beach and there’s signs of a recent ship wreck. Some of the debris has French writing on it, including a canister with the word, BESIXDOUZE.

Geek alert: Be (B)-six (6)-douze (12). B-612 was the asteroid home of the prince in The Little Prince.
Related Geek alert:
The little prince had a snake bite him so he would die and go “home”. Similar to Locke having to die to go "home"? (Or is this foreshadowing of Aaron's fate?)

An old school flashback with new characters! We see the life raft of the boat that was shipwrecked. It’s a French crew and they pull aboard someone floating on debris. And it’s JIN! (Though I don’t think many people thought he was really dead, if you say you saw this reveal coming you’re a boldfaced liar.) They get to the beach, Jin wakes up and is in bad need of some Blistex. STAT! The woman caring for him was a 16 year younger Danielle Rousseau. Welcome back, crazy French lady!

Question: Doesn’t this create a paradox? Shouldn’t older Danielle Rousseau have recognized Jin in the future?

In Los Angeles:
Kate visits the Agostini & Norton law firm and asks Dan Norton, aka My So-Called Dad, to speak to the person requesting her blood. Norton says his client will say no.

Sayid is in the hospital and Jack is treating him. Jack gets called out and Sayid takes out a fake nurse with his I.V. line. (Is there anything he can’t use a weapon?) Fake nurse had Kate’s address in his wallet. (Geek alert: 42 Panorama Crest)

Later, Kate and Jack pull a stakeout and follow Dan Norton to a hotel. He’s there meeting with Claire’s mother. Jack approaches her, but she claims she’s only in LA to collect the settlement from Oceanic. (So is Dan Norton the busiest lawyer in Los Angeles, or is she lying? Doesn’t seem she is, but it does seem odd that she’d have to fly to LA from Australia to collect a settlement check.)

Ben and Sayid drive to a parking garage and meet with Dan Norton. He's apparently working for Ben and has determined Hurley will be released the next morning.

Geek alert:
Canton-Rainier on the side of Ben’s van is an anagram for REINCARNATION. Wasn’t Locke in the van?

Jack and Kate drive to Slip 23 at the Long Beach marina and meet up with Ben and Sayid. Ben admits to being the one who hired Agostini & Norton. However he didn’t explain why, of course. No answers on why he was also seemingly working for Oceanic too. The scene ends as we see Sun about to step out of the car with a gun - the assumption is to use it against Ben.

So what did you think? Hit me up with some thoughts or comments.


Kelly said...

I thought Ben left John at the butcher shop so he can go collect the others.

Sean said...

@ Kelly - huh? John hasn't been off the island since the crash. But yes, Ben is trying to get the O6 back to the island.

Kelly said...

John was in the coffin and Ben left the coffin at the butchers.

Marcus said...

great episode and recap! how in the hell did you figure out the Canton-Rainier bit??

robowojo said...

About the canoe not disappearing, I assume the explanation whould be cause it is in contact with the time-trippers, just like the backpacks and their clothes and the zodiac. But you'll say that was all with the trippers for the original flash. But Alpert's compass was not, and it travelled with Locke later.

The real question is, why did the sinking freighter not make the jump (outside the island's transportation radius) but Jin somehow made it? Perhaps it was on the brink and the blast threw him within. Or perhaps, like the canoe and compass, objects must be in contact with living people in order to transfer, and everyone in physical contact with the freighter was killed in the explosion (Jin, having been thrown off in the blast). And the helicopter must have been high enough to be above the island's field of influence?? Oh well, i doubt that one will be explained; just chalk it up to the willing suspension of disbelief.

Katie said...

Kelly, you're right, but I think they got Locke from the butcher at one point because they needed to get everyone on the boat. I loved the reincarnation anagram. It makes so much sense. Also, I was concerned that Sun is really out to exact revenge on Kate. I think she really blames her for Jin dying. I thought she was going to hurt Aaron. And what a mess when they get back to the island. If they find Claire she'll want Aaron back.

cheerios said...

My so-called life. YES! i knew he was so familiar, i could not place him.

2) I hate kate. she's very manipulative. i think sun hates her too...kate's gonna have something coming to her. the whole "i've always been with you" bit was kate using jack so that jack would go along with kate keeping aaron. NOT COOL. she's selfish and I DONT LIKE HER.

3) Good point about the rousseau/jin thing...i think that lost might run into problems with this whole time thing - they say you cant change the past but by people being able to go back to the past, their mere presence will affect the situations!! dont you think? curious to see how this plays out.

4) the whole claires mom thing confuses the hell out of me. and the whole how is ben associated with oceanic. dunno.

5) i think that the new airplane thing is from the oceanic 6 + desmond.

Ant said...

Regarding the canoe, didn't Juliet say a couple of episodes ago when they started time-jumping that anything they had with them "came along for the ride", or words to that effect?

Sean said...

@ Kelly - Sorry, brain fart. Was thinking live John in 04, not 2007. I think they had to take the coffin so they could go back, like Katie said. They all have to be there.

Sean said...

@robowjo & Ant - I must have missed Juliet saying that, though it makes sense since clothing, etc. stays with them.

@cheerios - Yup, I think Sun blames Kate too. It seems if you watched the promo for next week that Ben is trying to keep her from shooting him with the news that Jin's alive. So at least for this one, her hostility seems geared toward him and not Kate. But we'll see.

Ant said...

The usage of the word "reincarnation" interests me. Ben was deliberately cagey when Jack stated that Locke was definitely dead. That, along with the notion that once off, the island won't let you die until you have fulfilled your purpose would suggest that Locke isn't dead. But if that's the case, why is his body dead? And why not use the word "resurrection" if Locke is to be brought back to life? Is Locke perhaps going to be reincarnated into someone else's body...?

heather said...

Sean--you're awesome! I knew Canton-whatever was an anigram for something---Reincarnation--YES! I had to laugh b/c I spent 3 min pausing and slow-mowing the note with Kate's address on it--only to find out they actually say what the note read moments later--If I had only let it play out. I think that was the producers having fun with us fanatics. :)

Sean said...

@ Ant - I think we know John's probably not dead for good. Whether reincarnated or resurrected, I'm not sure. Wonder if for the purpose of getting Jack on board, Locke was given the Nikki & Paulo spider venom. We haven't seen the body in a while...

@ Heather - HA! I've done stuff like that too.

Ant said...

The spider venom idea would be a clever tie-in to the past, but what about the news article/obituary about "Jeremy Bentham" that Jack was reading in the season 3 finale? Didn't that mention that his death had been treated as a suicide? Unless, of course, it was suicide by spider venom... :)