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Season 4 Finale: Top WTF Moments

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There was virtually no way the writers of LOST could top last season’s finale. That ending had all us fans, critics and bloggers floored for months. What they didn’t provide in a singular moment last night, they made up for with a string of pearls: from ass-kicking to kissing, from pause-and-rewind moments to heartwarming scenes. Summer may be just around the corner, but I can’t wait for winter. It’s gonna be a long eight months till next season, kids.

Lost 4x13 & 4x14: There's No Place Like Home (pts. 2 & 3)

Read on for the top 15 WTF moments from last night’s season four finale of LOST. And leave some comments with the ones you think we missed.

15. Sayid gets out-badassed! We haven’t seen much that Sayid fails at. But he seems to have met his ass-kicking match in Keamy. Just as Keamy was about to get the best of Sayid, Richard Alpert saved the day with a shot to the back.

14. Where’s Daniel Faraday? Last we saw of Daniel, he was ferrying a Zodiac raft full of islanders to the freighter. We didn’t see him make it there. But we also didn’t see them make it back to the island. So are he and the raft people stuck out in the ocean?

13. Juliet and Sawyer feel despair. Sawyer believes that Kate’s dead. We can assume they join Richard Alpert, Locke and the Others, but what are the awful things that flash-forward Locke tells Jack happened on the island, and did terrible things happen to Juliet and Sawyer?

12. Charlotte was born on the island! OK, we aren’t fully invested in Charlotte as a character yet, but Miles confronts her and says he’s surprised she’d leave after all the “time you spent trying to get back here.” Later, she tells Daniel she’s going to stay on the island and that she’s still looking for where she was born. Is she one of the few babies to have been born on the island? Or is she significant for other reasons? There’s some speculation that she might be related to Annie, young Ben’s girlfriend.

11. Hurley plays chess with Mr. Eko! Hurley told Sayid that he had been speaking to dead people. We assumed this meant Charlie, but turns out he’s playing chess with Mr. Eko, too. Props to Hurley for the line of the episode after Sayid tells him that they’re being watched: “The last thing I need is paranoia.”

10. Sawyer dives! While Skaters (Sawyer/Kate fans) might have been thrilled to see them kiss in the helicopter, I think their hearts probably dropped when Sawyer jumped to eliminate some weight from the rapidly falling chopper.

9. “We have to go back”…again! I was shocked that we revisited last season’s finale moment at the airport with Jack and Kate at the top of the last night’s episode. I figured the writers would have held that moment over us for another season, at least. More important than new information, we learn here there the mysterious Jeremy Bentham of the obituary had visited them both about going back to the island.

8. Ben stabs Keamy in the throat! “I Always Have a Plan” Ben wasn’t acting entirely on emotion here, as he said. He wanted the freighter destroyed, regardless of the consequences. The island must be protected at all costs. When Locke asks what he thinks about all the people on the freighter who are going to die now, Ben replies with an ice cold, “So?” (Can the people who give out the Emmy Awards just mail one to Michael Emerson’s house right now?)

7. Tall Walt is back…and taller! He looked older than Hurley when he visited him at the hospital. Is Walt one of the people that has to go back to the island, as well?

6. Kate gets a visit from Claire! Flash forward Kate awakens, the phone rings and she can’t make out what’s being said. She hears a rustling in the hallway, grabs her gun and runs to Aaron’s room to find someone on the bed with Aaron: Claire! Claire tells her not to take him back to the island. Geek alert: The phone call audio was backward-masked. It said, “The island needs you. You have to go back before it’s too late.”

So which is it? Is Claire acting on behalf of Aaron, is she the voice of reason and goodness, or is someone else using Claire’s image to convince Kate to stay away?

5. The freighter explodes and Sun’s heart breaks! Even with a room full of explosives, I’d figured Michael was safe since the island wasn’t ready for him to die. But Michael gets a visit from Christian, telling him, “You can go now.” And KABLOW! The freighter explodes and sinks. Was Christian supposed to be comforting, because I found it a little creepy. Though, was the elder Mr. Shephard shepherding Michael to the afterworld? Sadly, it seems we not only said goodbye to Michael, but Jin. Though there’s always hope that he was able to get off the freighter in time. Sun’s scream when the freighter blew up was completely heartwrenching.

4. The island actually moved! We saw it – or we think we did. The island appeared to disappear into thin air…or water. I’m guessing the island having moved in the past explains how an 18th century slave ship could wind up marooned in the middle of an island. I’m guessing the crew and passengers of the ship were a little freaked out when this happened. But did the island move in space or time...or both?

3. Penny and Desmond reunite! They’d teased an iconic kiss moment, but when Penny and Desmond were reunited, hearts melted and we got over our mourning for Jin – at least momentarily.

2. Ben takes a chill pill and pushes a donkey wheel! Ben shoves a whole bunch of metal junk in a totally retro looking chamber, but blows a hole in it and walks through a labyrinth of tunnels to an ice-filled room in the Halliwax parka he was wearing in the desert during The Shape of Things to Come episode. He manages to spin the wheel and move the island. Ben tells Locke that he’s doing this because it’s Locke’s turn to stay on the island, and he cannot come back to the island once it’s moved. Has Widmore done this in the past? Is this the reason he is not able to find the island – because he cannot go back. And will Locke do this in the future, explaining why he, aka Bentham, is trying to get them to go back?

1. Locke’s in the coffin! Ben tells ‘BeardJack’ that they have to go back to the island, but Jack can’t go alone. They all have to go back together, including Jeremy Bentham, aka John Locke. Question: If they need to take Locke back to get to the island, could Christian be a key to why Flight 815 crashed? Could it be that Christian and others on 815 were all going back to the island together, via Flight 815?

Geek alert: Jeremy Bentham is the name of a 19th century English philosopher who was influenced by John Locke (not the character on LOST, the philosopher whose name he shares). Bentham ensured his body was preserved in something called an Auto-Icon, basically a display case for his body with a wax head. Perhaps this is a clue that Locke is not really dead and his obituary was a means to gather the Oceanic 6 and encourage them to work together to get back to the island.

Honorable Mention:

  • Fake commercials! ABC ran a fake commercial for Octagon Global Recruiting a company recruiting for positions in a variety of scientific and not so scientific fields. The dates that they claim to be recruiting just happen to correspond to the dates for the Comic-Con festival in San Diego. The assumption is that this is the beginning of a new off-season-long game that the producers will use to keep fanatics engaged.

Geek alerts:

Heiroglyphs in the frozen underbelly of the Orchid Station:

Illustration of the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Aaron's room:

Drawing of an island and a boat at the hospital:

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