Friday, March 14, 2008

See you guys at dinner

They can’t all warp our brains, and I’m happy they don’t. Last night’s episode of LOST, The Other Woman, gave us answers to who sent Not-Penny’s-Boat, a return of the jungle whispers, a love triangle that didn’t include Kate, a love quadrangle that does include Kate, and Ben owning everyone he comes in contact with – especially Locke.

Got an appetite for rabbit…uh…answers? We can satisfy that hunger. What did you notice about last night’s episode? Add your catches in the comments section.

Lost 4x06 Recap: The Other Woman

On last night’s episode of LOST, Juliet is visiting her shrink and talking about feeling like a celebrity. We assume she’s been rescued, but the producers switched it up and re-introduced flashbacks. (How quaint!)

The shrink is Goodwin’s wife, Dr. Harper Stanhope. In her home office where she’s psychologizing on Juliet, there are framed diplomas and certificates on her wall. One is from the Experimental Social Psychology Society. Another is a Certificate of Recognition from the Hanso Foundation.

The episode title, The Other Woman, was a cool play on words. Juliet is the other woman in Goodwin’s marriage to Harper, the other woman in Jack and Kate’s relationship, and she was an Other who was a woman.

It would seem she had officially left behind her Team Ben loyalties, but when confronted with the spectral Harper in the jungle, she is convinced to follow Ben’s orders to stop Charlotte and Daniel. Was Harper really there, or was she another manifestation of the black smoke monster, like Tall Walt or Eko’s brother Yemi? I’m going with the latter. I’m not so sure that Harper was actually relaying orders from Ben, but rather from the island itself.

Charlotte and Daniel strayed from their class trip to take a detour to the Tempest station, the island power plant. DHARMA had some serious gas, man! The Tempest station had huge cooling tanks. Why were they using some sort of lethal gas to power the island? And how did Goodwin get a chemical burn from a gas? Granted, I haven’t taken a bio or chem class since 10th grade, so there could be an answer that some 15 year old could fill me in on.

Geek alert: The map Faraday and Charlotte used get to The Tempest has a DHARMA logo on it. There are also a few “Unknown” markings on them. Why would there have been sections marked “Unknown” if DHARMA built all the infrastructure on the island?

By the way, Charlotte is one bad ass! She cold cocks Kate in the jungle and then manages a little Sayid-worthy breakdance skills on Juliet in the Tempest station. Those are some pretty handy moves for a…cultural anthropologist?

Ben gives Locke the combo to his wall safe. Inside is a videotape marked Red Sox which he taped over (Yankee fans rejoice!) with a video of Charles Widmore, Penny’s dad. Widmore’s henchman is shoving a blindfolded man that looks like Ben Affleck into a car. (Maybe Jimmy Kimmel was the cameraman.) How convenient that Ben had exactly what he needed in that safe (box) to convince Locke that he was telling the truth. However, more than in any other episode, I felt like Ben’s words were somewhat more sincere this time. Then again, with the amount of detail Ben’s been able to gather on every other person on the island, it seemed odd that Ben would have a sketchy file on Widmore.

Although this was a Juliet-centric episode, I think we can all agree it was all about Ben Linus. Ben may rule all people, but after he left Juliet with Goodwin’s body, he hiked back over the hill like a little girl. Ben’s childlike declaration to Juliet – “You are mine” – was telling. We also see this with his trying-too-hard attempts at giving her the house and making dinner for her. Despite his evil mastermind capabilities, he seems pretty stunted with his personal relationships.
Even with his relationship issues and the impending attempt for an outside force to take over the island, Harper says to Juliet that Ben is exactly where he wants to be. (Miles told Kate the same thing in the boat house where he’s being held.)

Locke, apparently the island’s Century 21 real estate agent, helped Ben trade up from his dank, basement rental to a nice ranch on a quiet street in the ‘burbs. In typical, manipulative Ben fashion, he strolls across the courtyard all smiles at a stunned Hurley and Sawyer saying, “See you guys at dinner.”

Random observations:

The word hostile was thrown around a couple of times tonight. First Juliet said to Goodwin that Harper “seemed kind of hostile.” Then Claire said to Locke that she rhetorically stated that the freighter people “think we’re hostile.” The Others had been the island hostiles, but now the Locke Flock are the hostiles to be dealt with and eliminated by a new crew.

Why didn’t Ben ask Locke for his house back? Was it a power play by Locke, or another way to help discredit Locke in front of his crew?

Geek alert: In the Tempest station, there’s an image of a fuse box-like door labeled “Box Maker.” Odd label. Does this have something to do with the magical box through which Ben brought Locke’s dad to the island?

Jack kissed Juliet in the woods, but it was pretty chemistry-free. Is he over Kate and really in love with her, or just trying to fix things again?

Juliet was fortifying a shelter on the beach. Sun asks her why she would bother since they were about to be rescued. But Julie knows she’s not going anywhere as long as Ben is alive.

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